Thursday, January 10, 2013

Break from Christmas

Okay. I promise I'll get pictures of Christmas day up eventually (there are only a handful anyway). I just realized I had a month's worth of pictures piled up on my phone, and I better start tossing them up here lest they get forgotten. This year has not gotten off to the best start, but at leas the kids are cute. And as a warning, it's all mostly Evan. (Luke- when you read this in years to come, I promise promise PROMISE that I love you just as much as your sister.  You are just going through a phase right now where you HATE to get your picture taken. This leads to very few of you. But I love you. And I'm really going to pretend that it's just a short phase, not a probable life long phase.)

I've told you that Evan has a thing for hats. She loves wearing hats. She knows where they are, how to say the word, and even what it takes to pull them on.

She found the drawer in Luke's room that holds his stash.  The funny thing is, it isn't just limited to hats.  She loves to wear hair bows too.

Often I find most of her bows on the floor after she's pulled them all off, and will want 3 or 4 in her hair at a time.

The day of the hats, it was the day after Christmas, because I found this picture of her stuffing her face with cookies. Cookies with red icing.

One more thing she likes to wear? (after hats, hair bows, and food, I know you're thinking "Dear God. There's more?!" Answer: yes.)  My shoes.  Remember these gems?

 Look at that mess! Obviously this was right after all the presents were opened at Mom's
So does she.

 That's actually the face of pride, and she's clapping for herself.

Another thing that was right after Christmas was Jacob's birthday.

Yep, that was my man friend. Boyfriend. Boy I was dating. Whatever you want to call him. And just as an update to that whole situation, apparently I suck at breaking up with people, because two days later he didn't realize what had happened. Which forced me to rehash the whole thing. LOVELY. But, on the plus side, we might be working things out. Only time will tell. 

One last picture for my pre New Years photo dump... the kids finally playing nice for 5 minutes

Oi. These two. Do they know how to pick and fight and irritate. And we are only 19 months in to this sibling thing.  I'm tempted to ask "it gets better, right?", but I'm pretty sure I'd get a resounding NOPE.  If memory serves, it's not going to get better for a long, long time.

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