Thursday, January 17, 2013

More than one type of mess

 It's only Thursday.


The last 4 weeks, for various reasons, I've only worked 3 or 4 days out of the week. This is making for a long week at the moment. We haven't done too much over the past few days.  Friday night I got Evan's breathing treatment meds refilled, and CVS just happens to be next to a Sonic. The kids had eaten a pretty good dinner, so I surprised them with a treat.  Sonic ice cream for everyone- including Sister this time.

This was her very first time to get her own ice cream. I don' know what I was thinking letting a 19 month old have free reign in the car like that.

Thank goodness the mess was mostly contained to her face and paci.

Believe it or not, I've made worse parenting decisions than that one.

Saturday morning found us eating breakfast at the table.  All of us. Evan decided she was done with the high chair and climbed up into a regular kitchen chair to eat her breakfast. She did really well, until I turned around and found her in the fruit bowl.

One day I'll tell her that tomatoes aren't usually eaten for breakfast. Put the high chair in the garage on Sunday. As nice as it is to gain the chair and the space back in my kitchen, I can't BELIEVE my baby is grown out of it. Just another milestone down in the books.  :(

After breakfast we got out in the rain to go to Hobby Lobby and Target.  During errands, everyone found a treat.  Evan, loving her hats so much, got a new beanie and didn't take it off all day. We were at Hobby Lobby to get stamp pads for Luke's alphabet stamps when he spotted a train stamp. How could I say no to that sweet boy that was being so well behaved? And not to feel left out, we stopped back by Sonic for a drink for me.

Later that night as we were just hanging out before bath/bed time, I looked over and Evan was hanging out a little more than I anticipated.

*sigh* This girl. She's gonna get me.

And then I pulled a stunt that I used to do as a little girl.

As the story goes,  when I was little I would find any large piece of material- blanket, towel, sheet, etc.- wrap it around my head like a shawl and walk around proclaiming "I'm Maaaay-ree.  I'm Maaaay-ree!"  As in, Mary, mother of Jesus.  I'm passing down the tradition.

 She's Maaaaay-ree!  She's Maaaaay-ree!

Sunday was church as usual, with lunch and a nap.  After nap I was making some baked fried pickles to take to the Zook's going away party that night. Amdist the battering and baking and general mess making, I found a certain little girl sitting on the table DRINKING the jar of bubbles Luke had left there. Good grief.

Tuesday we woke up to a snow that I'm pretty sure not anyone saw coming.  I was shocked when the garage door went up and everything was white.  And it was still coming down.  It snowed till about mid morning, and has been bitterly cold ever since.  Which is odd, because Friday it was in the 70's.

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