Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Devotional

So last week I didn't touch the blog once. Didn't even read anyone else's blog. Just had no motivation.

But this morning I got to thinking. (Yes, it still happens on occasion.)

I've committed myself to reading Jesus Calling this year. So far I've just a terrible time keeping up. How sad is it that I am having trouble finding the 3 minutes it takes to do the daily reading?! Last week I finally just brought it to work and have left it in my desk. Before I let myself get sucked in for the rest of the day, I take a few minutes to read the devotional and just reflect. And while today's lesson was good, what I got to thinking about were all the days to come.

The book is numbered by each day, so I casually flipped through and would stop on a day.  August 18th.  October 10th. What will I be doing on those days? What will life be like then? What will I be wearing? Where will the kids be? How is my life going to turn out? The year is still fresh and new enough for the whole rest of it to hold promises. Promises I've tried not to think about because my baggage got kinda heavy this week.

You know those weeks when everything you've worked so hard to unpack just comes rushing back? All the hurt and the damage done to you by someone who was supposed to love you? The trust. The security. The self worth.

Ah baggage. We've all got it, and no one likes to talk about it. All you can do is focus on the One you CAN trust. The One who does give you security. The One who whispers truth into your self worth. The One who died with me in mind and won't ever give up. This is why I need that one page a day. To keep Him fresh in my mind, because I'm always fresh in His.

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Melanie said...

Beautifully put, Lindsey.