Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Off the table

Before I dive in, I have to show off my handy work. I was playing with Evan's hair, and I attempted my first french braid on her. Of course it was only one side, the other side was still a wild curly mess, but hey, not terrible!

I'm gonna have to start practicing on this little girl's hair. So different than having a boy. ;)

And Ashley brought the kids back Mickey hats from Disney World a couple of weeks ago, and last Saturday Evan had fun with hers. Bracelet as calf jewelry, diaper, and veil princess hat. What more does a girl need.

Apparently she needs a table.  I CAN. NOT. keep this girl off the table. I wish I was exaggerating when I say she ends every meal sitting on top of the table. Every single one. All you have to do is turn your head for three seconds and there she goes. 

Friday night I made eggplant parmesan for dinner, and it actually was pretty good. Of course the kids wouldn't touch it. They picked at the pasta part and that was it.

I was putting some left overs in a tupperware when I turned around to Evan on the table, all three plates surrounding her, pounding down all the pasta. What in the world.

I, smartly, had removed her shirt to avoid spaghetti sauce stains, but I'm not sure where the shoe went. Or when it came off. Or why just one and not both. (the stuff on her left cheek is sauce. Not a giant wound.)

Saturday was more of the same. I just didn't get pictures of it because, you only need so many.

Sunday she woke up with a yuck nose, so we stayed home from church. After breakfast Luke wanted to start on his science project he got for Christmas. It's a hydroponics experiment where you grow seeds in baskets of water and can watch the roots grow down.

He was all excited, we got it all set up, and then I realized that it didn't include the actual seeds to grow.  MOM FAIL. Luckily a close friend saved the day and brought us some radish seeds. In the mean time, Luke had fetched his tools to fix the kitchen table.  Again.  See how her sweet little feet are sitting so nicely in a chair?

The seeds arrived, and to get them going you have to put them in a ziploc with a wet paper towel taped to the window.  That only to a mere minute to fix. After that mere minute....

REALLY?! One child on the table, one child under the table.

And then...AND THEN... later that day she found a new table to climb on.

I guess she finally saw something up there worth risking it for.

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Jaclyn_Rose said...

Haha, oh boy! Did Luke ever climb on tables? Because Finn certainly didn't. The couple days before I got admitted Elle started climbing on the dining room table... now Conor tells me that anytime he tries to sit down to the laptop Elle runs over and climbs on the table!

Could you imagine Finn&Luke and Elle&Evan playing together? Hahaha