Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Christmas and a Party

We kicked off the holiday and Christmas' with an early one. We celebrated on the 15th with my dad's side of the family.  Luke was thrilled to open some presents and Evan had fun in all of the commotion.  We even let the kids pass out the presents.
She loved opening the presents! This was the first time since her birthday this summer for Evan to experience presents. She definitely got it way more than Luke did at this age.
As fun as it was to open presents, she is still 18 months. Nothing holds her attention for more than 2 minutes. Here, she's found and put on and is walking around in Luke's Sperry's.

Ashley got a new suitcase. Evan liked it just as much.
Luke's class Christmas party was on the 20th. Turns out I had 15 days of PTO instead of 10. SO. I took the day and went. I'm so glad I did. The only problem? Literally THAT DAY the temperature dropped significantly and I didn't realize it.  Mom fail- I put the kid in his light little jacket instead of his winter coat. He (we) were so cold, his sweet teacher let him borrow her scarf.
Why were we outside? To see Santa! And a fire truck!

Snack time- donut holes and apple slices

Book swap. It was pretty funny watching a bunch of 4 year olds try and figure out which was which to pass the presents. Jordyn and Mikah got in on the action too, and kept right up. Evan? She found the bucket of babies.

My sweet sweet girl feeding the baby.

The boys in Luke's class. Oi.  That child of mine.

Aw. I love them. So much.

Two days worth of pictures down, three more to go! Stick it out... more meaningful thoughts to come.

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