Monday, December 31, 2012

This year is over.

I finally just downloaded all the pictures from all the Christmases off the big camera.  It was roughly 250 pictures.


For the next week there will probably be a lot of pictures coming at you with very little words as I try to document them day by day.... You've been warned.

But for now I'm overwhelmed and tired.  Trying not to be bitter at all the people celebrating a new year and all of it's new possibilities with the loves of their lives as I sit here fresh off a breakup with the manfriend.  Sorry, just being honest. 

So I'll leave you with the one rocking picture from the hoppin' evening at the Carver house.

That tray has hot apple cider and lime/salt pop corn (omg, it's amazing) with The Fox and The Hound playing. I let my little man stay up with me a little later than normal. He's funny though. I would try to cuddle with him, lean up and put my head on him, and he would inch away from me, not ever taking his eyes off the tv.  Dude's not a cuddler.

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