Saturday, December 15, 2012

Photo dump

Ready for a photo dump? I brought my laptop over to Mom and Dad's for Christmas with my dad's side of the family and I got some pictures from Dad's camera, as well as put some from my camera on here.  Sorry for the back log of pictures, since I've already blogged about (most) of these instances.
Going to see Santa.  I can not get him to smile naturally, this would be his lovely forced smile.

The Christmas parade. Loving these shirts I made for them! Christmas, yet they'll still be able to wear them in January.

This is the day we went to Northpark and saw the train display.

 Ya'll.  This picture kills me.  After I saw how it turned out, I made him look at it. "Luke. Look at your face. Is that a terrible face or a beautiful face." "It's a terrible face. But Mom. I was tired of smiling and I didn't want to anymore."
 We went in to Anthropology and they had the cutest little aprons for girls to match their momma's.

This morning- our company Christmas party was last night and the kids spent the night with Mom and Dad. She did this all, all by herself.

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