Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Changes, Sweet Children, and Questions

If you're reading this, you found me!  I've been toying with the idea of switching over my URL to something other than what it was. The cl in clcarver stood for Cody and Lindsey Carver. 

Well, that's been out of date for awhile now. 

The only trouble was I didn't know what all changing the URL would entail, what was available, or what would happen.  I really thought that the internets would magically forward or redirect people from the old one to the new one, just like I've seen other's do.


I went see if the name of the blog was even available as a URL. Not only was it available, but it changed it RIGHT THEN. No warning. 

So I went to some people's blogs that I knew had mine listed and when I clicked on my name it said that site had been deleted.

Well that didn't go as planned. 

I quickly got the word out on Facebook and Twitter about the change, plus changed all the links on my profiles, but still.  I know I'm gonna lose some people.  Sorry for the inconvenience of having to change your own links on however you normally get here.  I didn't mean to cause trouble.  Promise. 

On the plus side, can we just be glad that it's one more thing that I've taken back for myself?  ;)

I would also like it known that my children have been a dream lately. Makes me wonder what they are storing up for me.  Monday night was probably the best night we've had in a long time.  They (okay Luke) actually ate his dinner (Evan always eats her dinner). After Evan's bath, there was time to sit on the couch and talk with Luke while she puttered around.  He had a note pad and a pen, so we were making lists.  I helped him spell rnt. Which is "ornament" in 4-year-old writing.  Actually, it's a really good "ornament" considering he heard a middle phoneme.  Developmentally speaking, when trying to sound out words, kids only get the first and maybe last phoneme of words until mid kindergarten.  Anyway, there was no fussing or fighting.  Just sweet quality time.

This morning was sweet too.  Luke got up a little earlier than normal, stumbling into my room and claiming he needed the heating pad for his ear.  I set him up in my bed, which lasted all of 30 seconds and he was "all better". I asked him if he wanted to go pick out a shirt to wear today, and....get this.... he said YES. Sweet baby Jesus.  Getting dressed is usually kind of a battle.  He told me he would pick out and put on his shirt, I could do his pants.

Yes child. I'll pick between the two pairs of jeans you have clean. 


But not fighting this morning was so nice.  Now if only I could get him to bathe himself, most of our battles would be over.  I CAN NOT get that child to get his hair wet by himself.  And forget about scrubbing the shampoo.  You'd think I was torturing the poor boy.  Is that weird or normal?  And while I'm asking questions, I can't get Evan to leave her earrings alone.  Several mornings a week I find the post and back in her bed, she's pulled it out before she goes to sleep.  Any tips or tricks?


Anonymous said...

Screw back earrings, those take lots of effort to take off!

Melanie said...

I fixed the link on my blog. Glad I saw that on Facebook or I would have been baffled.

Have you tried letting Luke take a shower instead of a bath. Mady likes that sometimes. I still get drenched when I reach in there to make sure she is all rinsed well.