Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Back in this post I asked a couple of questions...I'm happy to report I've got a couple of answers.

In regards to Luke's water-in-the-eyes phobia, someone had suggested letting him take a shower. I'd tried the shower thing before, but it was a giant flop because I couldn't get him to tilt his head back far enough to get his whole head wet without it running in his eyes. But, that was a while ago and I wondered if time had matured him. The first time we tried it again last week, it was met with the same screaming and crying and clawing. Eventually, after chanting "Just trust me. Dude. Just trust me." enough we got through the shower and he almost immediately said "Oh. That wasn't so bad."

Really, son.

He's been taking a shower every night since, and it's getting better.  Now if I could just get him to scrub his own head.

As for Evan and her ever disappearing earrings, the answer was screw backs.  My grandmother had bought her some nice pearl earrings for her birthday and I'd forgotten that those were screw backs. I ordered some silver studs from Amazon (the kind that covers the post totally so it's not poking her) and stuck the pearls on her in the mean time. The ear she kept yanking on doesn't appear to have gotten more infected, the new little CZ studs look darling on her, and the pearl ones survived their week of wear.

The scowl picture of Luke went over well on Facebook. So much so that I'm waiting for some internet meme to pop up with his face.

It was the alternator. Yay. But God has put some amazing people in my life. I'll leave it at that.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I kept hearing a little voice. I figured it was Luke and sure enough, I poked my head into his room and he was just laying there in bed talking to himself. I sat down with him and we visited for a minute, but I guess our voices woke Evan up because soon there was a "Mum? Mum? MUM." coming from the next room.  I went in to get her and she was standing at the end of the crib waiting for me.  Before I could even pick her up she started patting her head.  I asked her if she had a boo boo and kissed it. She shook her head no, kept patting it, and said "Hat. Hat. Hat."


All right then.

The only hat she has is her little owl beanie. We went and got it off her bow board (where I keep it clothes pinned), asking her if she wanted to wear it.  She nodded yes.

She wore it the rest of the morning until they left with their grandmother for the day.
And yes. Luke has a navy and green one to match.

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Jaclyn_Rose said...

I missed all these posts!! I did change your URL in my google reader, but it's not picking it up for some reason.

Anyways, love that hat, and that face is just too cute, sigh!

Merry Christmas!