Tuesday, December 4, 2012

18 months

Christmas Parade on Saturday. You and Bubba wore the shirts I made you.

My beloved child.  You turned 18 months on Saturday!  I wanted to wait until your well check last night, so I could officially say that you weigh 29.7 lbs and are exactly 32 inches long. (to compare, here is Luke's 18 month well check. When I was less wordy.) You, my love, are a big girl! You wear size 2T clothes and have been in a size 5 diaper for months now.  You take one nap in the afternoon, and are out for the night usually by 7:45- then you sleep until 7 in the morning. 

(still a very restless sleeper. I learned my lesson, AGAIN, when I let you stay in bed with me. You slept. I didn't.)

You still eat just about everything I put in front of you (except hot dogs.  You do not like hot dogs) and most of the time go back for thirds.  I can feel the toddler pickyness coming on, but it hasn't hit yet.  You've got 4 front teeth on top, three front teeth on bottom, and all four molars.  The birthmark on your jaw is fading, but your personality is exploding. Words: Momma, Bubba, baby, shoes, thank you, all done, gone gone, hi, bye. Favorites: eating, climbing, Luke, exploring curiously (as opposed to mischievously), your baby and your paci.

(older picture that I've used before, but I still love it)

Evan Elaine, you are such a little GIRL! This morning as we drove to Miss Cindy's house, I was putting on my make up (at the stop lights only, of course).  I looked back to see you rubbing your hands all over your face when I put on my sunscreen and waving your arms wildly as I fanned my face to get my eye shadow base to dry.  Whenever I put on chap stick you "MomMomMom!!" while patting your lips because you want some too.  When you see me getting out the nail polish you "OooOooOoo!" while brushing your nails because you need your nails painted too.  Even though you take your shoes off every. time. we get in the car, all I have to say is "Evan, can I put on your shoes?" and you trot right over saying "Shoes! Shoes!" Normally I clean the bathroom when it's nap time or after ya'll go to bed, but a couple of weeks ago I needed to when you and your brother were awake.  As I kneeled in front of the tub, scrubbing it with a paper towel, I look over and you've gotten yourself a wad of toilet paper and was scrubbing the inside of the tub too. I love you.  I love you.  I LOVE YOU. 

But, little girl, not only do you have a sweet side, you have SASSY side.  You love you're brother.  You love to play with him, follow him, mimic him, and ANNOY him. When you find his cup, you always take it to him. You think it's funny to bang on him and when ya'll fight over a toy, he's getting quicker about ducking out of the way of your flying fists. He's still not so quick about getting out of the way of your chompers.

You are opinionated and vocal.  You get very grouchy when you are hungry (no idea where you get that from. O_O ) You say "HI!!" to every person you pass- grocery store, restaurant, church- and yell "Bye!!" as they walk away.  You have the cutest little twang in your voice, people can't help but smile.  You love to smile.  Such a happy girl.  Happy girl that is looking more like her Aunt Ashley these days.  (Is she going to be Want Washwey to you you too?)

Oh baby girl, you rock my world.  Between your sweet big brother, with his curious mind and million questions, and you with your perfect feminine ways and precious spirit that shines in your eyes, my world is so much better than I could have ever expected.  The two of you bring love and laughter and frustration and satisfaction every single day.  I couldn't imagine my world without you.

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