Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Train, the lazy elf

As of Saturday, Train the Elf still hadn't shown up to our house.  Honestly, I was putting it off as long as I could.  I love the idea of it, and everyone's elf pictures seem so fun, the words of pop culture today....I ain't got time for that.  More specifically, I remember last year what a pain it was to remember every night. And how most nights I forgot. 

Regardless, I knew that time was slipping by and it was time to jump back on that bandwagon. Saturday morning we (Mom, Dad, Ashley, and I) had taken the kids to Northpark so that Luke could see the train display and it was not a successful trip.  Luke is normally an EXCELLENT shopper, but he was not having it that day.  Kid must be going through a growth spurt, because he was starving 2 hours after breakfast (this is my kid who can go forever without eating) and every meal he demolishes his plate.  Anyway, the point is we were trying to walk around the mall some but after 3 giant melt downs, a spanking in an alcove, with a subsequent fit for 5 minutes where he sat in the corner, we left and ate lunch. After lunch we went home and both kids took the longest nap ever. During this long nap I made both of them "count down to Christmas kisses" ribbon and when they woke up Train had "brought" them. 


I did good on Sunday, but by Monday night I'd already forgotten my new task.  Tuesday morning I'm trying to rush and get them dressed when Luke says "Hey Mom! Lets go find Train!"


Oh. You mean the elf that's supposed to move every night and didn't this time?  Right. 

I was in the middle of changing Evan's diaper when he said something, so I stalled him by saying I wanted to go with him to look but I had to throw away Evan's diaper first.  Which happens to be out the back door, past where Train currently was.  I made him wait in his room while I moved the dang elf onto the Christmas tree, tossed the diaper, then went back to get Luke.  We "found" him, but Luke wasn't thrilled about Train on the tree.  Apparently I've made a little too big of a deal that no one is supposed to touch the tree.

Anyway.  Last night I almost forgot again.  But then Luke got up about 30 minutes after he went to bed to go to the bathroom and asked me if Train had moved yet.  *ahem* No. No he hadn't.

BUT, that made me remember to not fall down on the job, and I moved that sucker as soon as his door was shut again. Off the tree, onto the crane of Luke's train table. 

This morning the first thing Luke said to me was "Mom! I want to go find Train! By myself this time."

 Yes darling.  You can go by yourself this morning.  Tomorrow?  I'm not making any promises.

And now pictures from the past week that have nothing to do with my story. 

Still love wearing my girl!
I thought maybe Evan was ready for a pillow, so she'll start learning how to sleep without flopping around ever where.  It's not working out just yet. This morning I found her with her feet on the pillow and her booty in the air.
Shae texted me this picture with the caption "Someone found the Oreos before I found her!" and then Sunday night at small group Evan found a bag of opened shredded cheese.  You could see exactly where she pulled it off the counter and walked around with it by the perfectly formed cheese trail on the floor.  God bless my friends.

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