Monday, December 17, 2012

Beginning of Chirstmas

This weekend was a BUSY one.  Thursday Ashley came over and stayed with the kids since Cindy had to go out of town to get her oldest from Virginia.  Luke actually woke up before his sister did, so we spent a few minutes sitting under a blanket in the glow of the Christmas tree while we waited for Ashley to get there.

Now that's a pretty darn good way to start a day.

Friday night the kids spent the night at Mom and Dad's because it was the company Christmas party!  We all look forward to this all year long.  And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  Being a tech company that doesn't really have customers come into the office, we are allowed to dress very casually.  So, Carrie and I (she's the owner, a friend, and the only other woman in the office) like to have everyone get all gussied up for a fun night out.  It was cocktail attire at the country club, and like last year, it was a casino theme with games.  So fun.


I'm sorry to say I didn't get even one picture with my camera, I was too busy chatting and playing and taking advantage of an open bar.  BUT, several weeks ago when I bought my dress, I tried it on at home for approval from the girlfriends.

It was a big hit that night. Imagine it with fancy makeup and hot rolled hair. 

Saturday was Christmas with Dad's side of the family.  Luke had a great time opening some of his presents and "helping" others open theirs.  He tried to "help" his sister a few times, but she gets the concept of opening presents more than he did at this age, so she doesn't really need help.

She found a pen and some paper and was scribbling away. I got a ton of pictures on my big camera, but that's at home. On the camera.

Sunday was church, nap, and then the candlelight service in the evening.  That's where the trouble began. 

Evan's Sunday morning bed head. I can't get enough of her.

I went to turn on the car so we could go to the candlelight service, and it had trouble turning over. It took a minute, but I got it to start.  Then at the stop light at the end of our subdivision, the radio randomly turned off.  Halfway up the street (I live VERY close to the church building) the clock, all the back lights on the dash/console, and the headlights started to slowly dim to off. Right about the time we were pulling into the parking lot, all the little icons on the dash board started to blink- the airbags, over drive, seat belt, etc.  I coasted into a parking spot and turned the car off.  Just for kicks, I tried to start it again.  It didn't eve turn over.


We went in, I found Dad, told him what all happened, and he left to go get the battery charger and hooked it up for me. After the service and the pasta dinner that was served, he switched the car seats to their car so that they could take it in for me this morning.  They let me take their car home and to work today.  I am so so so very blessed to have such giving parents.  There is absolutely no way I could survive being a single mom without them.  They go way above and beyond to help take care of me and my babies. I can only hope that I am able to repay them one day for all that they do.  So thankful that God blessed me with them.

And now lets all pray that it's just a wire that got loose when I got the oil and some belts changed on Saturday instead of something like the alternator, mkay?

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Melanie said...

Evan's bedhead is cracking me up! So cute!

So glad you have family around to help!