Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas #2

Okay. So, Christmas morning will be the NEXT post. I didn't forget about this Christmas. But when I went to upload the pictures, it was messing up and I couldn't figure out why (turns out, blogger doesn't play well with IE anymore and likes Chrome better). So, when I went to post Christmas Eve, I'd forgotten that I hadn't published this one first. And now my OCD is a little bugged because it's out of chronological order.

Oh, and the skirt Evan is wearing in all of the pictures? I made that. Maybe one day I'll get better shots of it.

The weekend before Christmas we went out to my grandfather's house for Christmas with Mom's side of the family. Luke has been begging to go see Grandy, and he was thrilled he finally did. 

My sister, momma, and me

And me and my babies! Luke really didn't want to smile, and was really working at holding it in.

Finally got to start in on the presents...first up, stockings. Evan's new Pup. (which, is actually what she calls her cup too. Not confusing at all.)

Okay. I just like this picture. Man my hair looks dark here.

Grandy's present for Luke (and my cousin's boy, Haden) was a helicopter. It was a HUGE hit.

And his monster truck that he was thrilled about. Boys.

My other cousin decided that we, as a family, should play our own version of Minute to Win It. It was pretty funny. As are all of the pictures that I got on my camera. BUT, in the interest of my family inviting me back to family gatherings, I'll only post this picture of Luke "playing" the get-your-cookie-from-your-forhead-to-your-mouth-without-using-your-hands game.
Sister's first full on pony! Gah!

My aunt and my Evie girl. She had no problem finding a multitude of willing "up"s.

And now a couple of awesome ones from my phone....

This was late, on our way to the country. The kids did really well on the 4 hour trip (not gonna lie, Mary Poppins on the DVD player helped), but they weren't thrilled about the flash from Mom's phone for this picture.  Their faces.  Bahahaha.

Saturday afternoon we went to feed the ducks at the park.  I think this is one of my new favorites of the kids!

And finally, all the second cousins. The new generation.

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