Friday, September 13, 2013

Catch up on photos

So, going through my phone I realized there are a ton of pictures I've taken and not added to my online photo album for my kids to "enjoy" one day. (that's this here blog, people) Don't worry. I didn't add allll of them, just tried to select and combine the highlights.

I've talked about how tee ball has started, and we've had lots of practices. Lots. And a little girl has played at fields, cheered "GOOOO WUKE! GOOO BASEBALL!", and generally been really well behaved for the two year old she is at boring hour and a half practices 2-3 times a week. Some others of us have had a little bit of a harder time handling the practices.

But in his defense, I feel like 1 1/2 hours is a long time for a 5 year old to stay on task (not to mention the day he's already had at school or church, and that it's 100+ degrees out). And I have to say all these practices are doing something! His throw is getting better, he caught the ball in his glove last night, and his batting stance is getting more consistent! The first game is Monday and we are super excited!

When we aren't at practice, we've been doing church things and normal family things. Last Sunday Luke (as usual) picked out his own clothes. He knows he has to pick out a "button shirt" (oxford or polo) to wear to church, and he always pairs them with a pair of khaki shorts. Not this time. When he showed me his outfit with a "tada!" I cringed a little and told him that the shorts and the shirt didn't exactly go together. I then invited him to change his shorts, to which he replied "No fank you."

The same day Evan decided she was obsessed with her sunglasses.

Sara is teaching her bible class and told me later she wore them through most of class. As you can see they were back for service, lunch, home time, and practice that night. Have I ever mentioned I have quirky children? And I'm adding to the madness?

Ya'll. Some days it's nuts how much baby there is.

The kids' quirkiness doesn't stop with their actions. The conversations kill me too. The other day I realized that I forgot to brush Luke's teeth. I got him out of bed literally 3 minutes after tucking him in and leaving his room to head to the bathroom. He tells me as I'm putting tooth paste on his brush "Yes Mom! Now I get to know what it's like to be up in the middle of the night!"  He frequently talks about all the things he wants to do when he grows up, and once he asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told him I wanted to be a momma. He said no, what REAL job did I want. I just stared at him.

Listening to my girl has become a real treat too. A couple of nights ago Evan decided that Baby needed to eat dinner with us, so she brought in Baby's highchair.

She took her chicken nuggets from her plate and put them on Baby's tray, the proceeded to feed Baby. "Da baby's got ta eat too. Good job Baby! All done, time fo nap." She then took Baby to the rocking chair in the living room and rocked her baby singing "Rock da baaaaaaby, when you cwose your eyes go to sweep..." It was the sweetest thing ever. I couldn't even be irritated she was still playing instead of sitting with Luke and I for dinner. (and don't judge my chicken nugget dinner. very rarely do I let them have chicken nuggets, but it was a Friday night and we were SUPPOSED to be eating at small groups, but Evan had a random isolated fever and I didn't want to risk it. I had NOTHING for us to eat.) She's also played dress up in some of my things that sit in the back of my drawers.

Hey. I won't be wearing anything like that for a long long time, so why can't someone have fun in them?

Life with a 2 year old and a 5 year old can be tough. They are both stubborn and ornery and opinionated in totally opposite ways. But what a fun time we have. They make me laugh. They bring me joy. Swell my heart with pride. They make me thankful for life.

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