Friday, September 27, 2013

This week and last

So on my last photo dump, I posted a picture of the awesomely mismatched outfit Luke wore to church. Wouldn't you know, the very next week it happened again, only this time even MORE mismatched.

Unfortunately for your viewing pleasure, this past week he did good and wore a polo with khaki shorts.


Now that I think about it, it may have been the same polo.

Awww maaan.

Anyway, that same Sunday my girl was sitting next to me before she went to play in the toddler room, and I looked down at her sweet feet. For whatever reason those sweet fat feet struck my momma heart. There isn't much baby left in her at all, but I saw it in the way she was sitting.

Am I right?!

Over the past week and a half we've hit the tee ball games hard.

Luke has done great! This last game was his best yet- hit the ball off a pitch both times he's been at bat AND got a kid out on base. It's been so fun to watch him finally get baseball and improve each week. Right now, though, we are working at staying in position at relying on teammates when the ball doesn't come his way. Dude's been known to run across the whole field and dive for the ball.

That Saturday was one of the children's consignment shops' first day to have costumes out. No way am I paying $20 each for something the kids will wear for a total of 4 hours. Mom and I went to dig, and we walked away with a race car driver and lady bug costumes for my bigguns. I refused to get anything for Elyse since she'll only be days old on Halloween, but then I had to eat my words later last week. I found some ladybug pajamas in her size at Target, and now this?

It has me a teensy bit excited for my matching Halloween girls.

Last Saturday Luke's game got rained out, so we went to Corner Bakery for a muffin breakfast, to the store for groceries, and then were home the whole rest of the day.

Sunday I finally made Elyse some of her own burp cloths. The ones I had made for Evan still look great and will work perfectly fine, but I thought she could have a couple in the hospital that weren't a tad faded from multiple washes.

And that brings me to this week. It's flown by. In fact, I keep forgetting that it's Friday. How does that even happen? This Sunday is the shower my girlfriends are throwing me, and then Monday is a shower for Jacob and I at work. Not to mention I'm full term on Sunday! Whoo hoo! Tuesday my doctor called me to see what day I wanted to go ahead and book an induction just in case I'm still pregnant, and we settled on the 14th. Ya'll. That means in 2 weeks and 2 days my girlie will be here. I'm so excited! Plus her monthly stickers came in yesterday and there is one that says "brand new".

In two weeks she will be brand new!!! Aren't these the most lovely design you've ever seen? The "love" is an 8x10 print that I got for their room. It doesn't really match their colors, but I didn't care. When they don't want it in their room any more, I'm totally putting it in mine. It's a new favorite! (from Lucy Darling. Check them out!) Actually, now that I think about it, it will look better in my room. Maybe I'll just go claim it back anyway...

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