Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend fly by

Whew this weekend went quickly.  Friday I spent most of the day painting furniture.  Yay!  I've got everything done except for the body of the dresser, which will have to wait until next week due to impending rain in the near forecast.  Since I'm not gonna reveal the furniture until the nursery is all done, I'll give you a little teaser. 

Nursery Extravaganza 2011 should be complete by the end of the week!

Something else I got done in that room was a little wall art.  My friend Jenn created some art for me to match the room.  I love having talented friends! 

She already had the family tree and the birdy picture in her shop, but I needed a third item and I love the idea of the words to "My Sunshine" with her name, so I commissioned that one from her. How great is it that she was able to take a snippet of the fabric I've been using and work it in?  Details like that make me happy.

 (our family tree with all four of our names on it)

Then I realized a certain little boy hadn't had his picture taken in awhile and was not only super cute, but acting very silly.

Yesterday I spent making the first of several burp cloths for my girl.  I went and bought a set of colored clothes (I've registered for another set, which I could pair with totally different fabrics!) and got to work.

Finally a sewing project I feel is picture worthy!  I tried a different style than I've ever done before, putting the fabric long ways instead of across the bottom.  I like the way they turned out!  And I don't know if you can see in the picture, but the black and white one has her name embroidered in yellow, and the yellow panels on the sides are ruffles.  How fun are those little deer on the teal cloth?  (Excuse how wrinkled the burp cloth part is.  I washed and dried them before I sewed them, and I didn't iron. Lazy.)

Today was church and my good friend Taylor's baby shower, which I helped to host.  It turned out to be a great shower, beautiful decorations, yummy food (which has left me too full to want dinner at the moment!), and a great turn out.  I'm so glad that my friend could be blessed today for her sweet girl that they've waited a long time for!  Too bad I didn't have my camera to take pictures.  (I know, you are so upset)  (actually, I think the majority of the people that read this were actually there today.)  Anyway, a few weeks ago I made her a little present that I had to keep under wraps until today.

*edit* it won't let me upload any more photos, saying I've reached my limit and have to purchase more?  Is that the limit for one post or the limit for my blog in general?  If I have to pay to post more photos ever, I'm gonna be a little upset.

*edit again* I did have to buy more space if I ever want to post another photo.  Grr.  But it was only $5 for the whole year so I sucked it up.

She's a photographer, so I couldn't resist the camera theme-ed fabric.  The onesie says "photo worthy", cause I know that girl will have more pictures taken of her than of either of my children combined.  Ha!

Also, on a side note, I've added a "Homemade for Evan" label.  Anything I've made for her or her room can be found there.  I know you were dying for that.  You're welcome.

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Sarah Smith said...

Love the colored burp cloths. I didnt know they sold them already colored like that. I have dyed one for my niece. Good to know. Super Cute ideas you did with them. amaze me every time you make something. :)