Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Soooooo cold

Today was more of an ice day as opposed to a snow day.  Very early this morning the gigantic storm hit, and it was super windy, lightning, beating sleet into my windows, and I'm assuming there was some snow because the ground was covered when we got up.  When Cody went to let the dog out this morning the door was iced to the house.  Needless to say, my washer is frozen up again.  The only problem is that this time I didn't have the laundry caught up.  It was the only thing to do on my to do list today.  And then I made the stupid mistake of running a load of whites on hot, since the hot water works just fine.  Except, um, duh, the drain is frozen over too, so now I've got a giant tub dirty water with towels and socks in the laundry room.  Anyone know when it's supposed to get above freezing? 

Another thing about today was that Cody didn't go into work today.  We didn't have a fun family snow day though.  He stayed in bed until noon, taking work calls when they came in from his pillow, and then moved to the computer room to play his game while waiting for the calls to come in.  I got to entertain a two year old while Mr. Rooter fixed our potty.  That's right, someone came out today!  I was shocked because of the weather, so I worked hard to not complain when he was almost 2 hours late.  And for a mere $138 he was able to push through our Hot Wheeles problem and get us flowing again.  After almost two weeks of no master bath potty, I am glad to have it fixed. 

So while I took the easy way out and let Sesame Street do my job for a little while, I completed my daily sewing project:  a blanket for Evan!

It's just two pieces of cotton sewing together with a binded edge.  Nothing big.  I wanted something lightweight to wrap my girl up in at the hospital and beyond, and I remembered this blanket that my grandmother had made for Luke that was huge, and it was so nice to have a light and roomy blanket.  Since she passed on this summer, I figured I would make something similar for my new baby.  And this way I didn't have to cut up that brown fabric!  I made it with an entire yard of fabric in each print, so it will be big enough to swaddle and wrap her up in for a long time.  When I wasn't sewing, Luke and I played with a bouncy ball, the trains, the cars, and read books.  Also I was granny shooting the dog out the back door.  That little priss would ring the bell to go outside, but as soon as she felt the blast of fa-reeeezing air when I opened the door she would back up.  Yeah right like I was gonna clean up accidents just cause she didn't want to be a little cold for a minute.  And it was cold too.  The sun shown all day long, but somehow it still snowed for most of the day.  Just a little flurry dancing in the strong wind, but it was still there. 

Tomorrow the schools are already closed, so I won't have Kayden again.  And I'm already feeling the cabin fever.  Is it crazy to take my boy to lunch somewhere, just to get out of the house?  By then the roads should be decent from the sun and other cars driving.  We should be good.

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Lucy Marie said...

My best friend's mom and my MIL both made me a few big blankets like that and I LOVE(d) them. When she was little, they were great for swaddling because those dinky recieving blankets? No good. And now, they are great for laying out on the floor when she's playing.