Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where did he go?

Someone has switched children with me and didn't ask me first.  I used to have this sweet, quite, well behaved little boy.  Now I have some kid who NEVER. STOPS.  ever. 

Case in point.  Cody had to work this afternoon, so right before he was finished working Luke and I went to Ikea to get the new bookshelf for our bedroom.  I wanted to pay cash, but needed Cody's truck to pick it up, Cody works across the street from Ikea, but he didn't want anything to do with the inside of the store, so it was a win win.  As I paid for the bookshelf, Cody backed up to the front of the store and we loaded it up then he took Luke and I to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, so Cody took Luke up and down the escalator outside of the restaurant to kill time.  Then we got to sit.  Correction.  Cody and I sat.  Luke did not.  He stood.  He danced in the booth to music over head.  He tried to visit with the people in the booth behind us.  He tried to pepper his dinner roll.  He drank an entire glass of lemonade.  He wanted my Dr. Pepper.  He wanted Cody's tea.  He jumped up and down on the springy seat.  I have no idea who this kid is.  I have no idea where all the energy has come from.  When Luke gets like this, I just look down at my tummy and think "Good lord, what have we done."

Since we had two cars Cody told me I didn't have to wait until the check was back to go, I could take him whenever I was ready.  I said I could hold off a few minutes for another long car ride of talking about the traffic lights, the construction sites, and more traffic lights.  Then he did the sweets thing possible at that moment in time.  He told me to go on in his truck and he would drive Luke home in my car.  *sigh* Sweet relief.  I know that Cody hates to drive my car.  I know that he gets annoyed with having to acknowledge the color and change of every single stop light you go through.  But he volunteered to switch with me just because.  What a stand up guy.

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John said...

I guess I'm missing out on what is so unusual here :-p