Thursday, February 3, 2011

ANOTHER snow day

Yep.  Today was day number 3 of being iced in.  Day.  3.  And today Cody had to drive into work, so it was just me and Luke.  All day.  Again.  I think at some point I just stared off into space for a while.  Other things we did to pass the time was play Hot Wheels, rock in the rocking chair while watching Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street, eat stuff, and clean out the bookshelf in the computer room.  Looking at that list, I'm sure I did other things between the hours of 8:30 and 5:45 because that doesn't seem like nearly enough to pass the time, but I can't remember what it was.  Cody got home from work a tad late due to the road conditions, and after decompressing for a little while, he took the battery out of my car and we headed to Walmart for a new one.  Oh man it's a lot of work bundling up a kid and yourself to get out in 20 degree weather.  Thankfully Cody still had Chick Fil A on his mind (as did I) and he said we could get it for dinner.  Whoo hoo!  It also helped that it's located in the parking lot of Walmart.  So after a quick trip inside for my new battery (and for candy) (and frozen pizza for their dinner tomorrow night) we were cruisin through the drive through.  Chick Fil A has never tasted so good, not only because I've been needing a lemonade, but because I didn't have to cook it.  I know cooking for days on end may not be a big deal to some, and would even be appalled that sooo over it, but I was soooooooo over it.  Preparing three meals a day for three and a half days in a row was way past my culinary limit and I was not looking putting up with one more meal.  No thanks. 

Also, I didn't craft today.  No pictures.  Sorry.  Like I said, I did a lot of sitting and staring.  I just couldn't get up the mojo to do anything.

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gayle said...

I hear you on the days going by so slowly. At least I got out of the house yesterday, but Tues, Weds, and today (Fri), I have been home. I love relaxing, but I do not like being stuck in my house!