Friday, February 4, 2011


-For some reason even when I'm watching a show off the DVR, I hate getting up before commercial breaks come on.  Yes I can pause the tv any time I want, but some habits are really hard to break.

-I think coffee and Dr. Pepper are the most perfect beverages and there is no need for anything else.  Oh wait, I forgot about cherry Coke.  And mango tea from Le Madeline's.  And Boston tea from Red Lobster.  And peach mango tea from Shlotzsky's.  Okay.  Scratch the last part of that first sentence. 

-Sometimes at home when I'm not sure what room Luke is in, I call him like a dog.  "Here Lukie Lukie Lukie."

-I think watching Luke develop is the coolest thing ever.  I know I've said this before, but it's been awhile.  All of the sudden I've realized he's not this little baby that just stares at me with a blank stare, but he's a little boy who gets it.  He knows his routine, he knows that you have to move the mat to get the stool in front of the potty, he knows where his inhaler is and how it works, he knows what it means when a visitor stands up and gets their things (that their leaving, he goes to the door, opens it, and waves), he knows that I like to have the remote control (he always finds it for me when I am in the living room), he knows that you can fast forward through commercials and gets annoyed when I don't, he knows about the little picture on the back of the camera, he knows to spit when brushing his teeth, he KNOWS things.  Some of it amazes me, like the teeth brushing part.  He's only watched one of us brush our teeth a hand full of times, yet he just knows.  He amazes me every day. 

Those are just a few random thoughts I had today.  And I had lots of time for random thoughts today.  It was yet another snow day.  Except this time there was actual snow involved.  It snowed for about 10 hours, starting at about midnight.  When we woke up there were already several inches on the ground, and it just kept coming down.  It was beautiful. 

 (I wish you could see better how thickly it was falling!) (And where's the road? Where's the curb?  It was hard to tell)
(I made him wear his robe around the house to stay warm.  It's so cute, the hood has black spikes like a dinosaur and there is a dino embordered on the front)

The whole morning was spent in idleness. I tried to start cleaning off the computer desk so that when the new one gets here (which I was hoping would have been today) we'll be ready to go. But Cody was sitting at the desk, and my "hovering" was invading his personal space. I asked him what else am I supposed to do?! to which he said anything but this. Still couldn't get up the gumption to start a new project, and all I could do was pick the house back up. Luke and I had made quite a mess with the cars and the Nerf bullets and blocks.

Now call me crazy, but I did get out and drive in the snow around lunch time.  See, my sweet momma had taken the time to do six loads of laundry for me, and I needed to go over and get it.  Driving in the ice and snow wasn't that bad!  I only fishtailed (I was in the truck) once, just a little, between the drive there and home, and the ruts in the snow kept me pretty close to on course.  After I got home and showered up, my friend ventured over.  She had called and asked me if it was okay, she was going CAAAA-RAZY stuck in her house.  Knowing the feeling, I was all up for it.  So Niki came over from 2-4 for a nice little visit.  At that point I was supposed to be leaving for my ladies retreat, but we backed out of it due to the road conditions.  The sun had come out during the afternoon, which was deceiving to how drivable it was out there, but the camp was about two hours away and we decided not to risk it. A few of us girls did however, decide to at least have dinner for SOME time together.  That was nice.  Between Niki and dinner I feel much better about my cabin fever.  Although, it didn't really help with my feelings of having an out of control mess in parts of the house.  I know that it can't be helped until the new furniture gets here, and it won't last for forever, but it still gives me an icky feeling inside.  I hate that things have to get messier before they can get really clean.  That's the way life goes sometimes. 

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