Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nursery Extravaganza 2011

Okay, so it's not really an extravaganza.  In fact, in the world of little girl nurseries, Evan's might be considered a little plain.  But the way I see it is there is a lot of space for us to expand on in the coming years.  Lord knows that little girl will rack up more cute things than I know what to do with and I'm gonna need a place for it all.  For now all I care about is the fact that it's done!  It may not be this, but it's ours!

To get a full appreciation of just how much work it took to get this room in working order, I'd like to present a little before picture.  A little insight to the disaster it was before.

(oh, that's a little painful)

You know how my house is nice and neat and organized with minimal clutter everywhere?  How everything has a place and everything is in it's place?  That's because all the things that didn't have a nice neat home, but I couldn't get rid of it, ended up piled in that room.  It was a lot.  And the closet was even worse.  You couldn't step foot in the closet.

But eventually some things ended up here:

(the new bookshelf in our room, where the chest of drawers once stood)

You've seen where the computer landed.  Some more of it ended up under our bed.  Unfortuantly more things than I wanted ended up here:

(you can see bits of the old day bed sticking up here and there, and those two big blue tubs are ALL of Luke's clothes that he's ever worn and outgrown.  I love my little boy things.)

which means at some point we are going to have to do something about that garage.  Yikes.  I NEVER thought I'd be one of those people.  But it's not space we are currently living in, it's not a space I look at too often for very long, and it's not high on my priority list.  Maybe in a few.....ahem.....years?  Anyway, most of the stuff ended up here:

or given away or donated.  Be proud.  It was tough.

So without further ado......Evan Elaine's nursery!

 (looking in from the doorway) (the chest didn't take up nearly as much space as I anticipated, hence the pictures going vertical instead of horizontal like I'd planned) (there will be something on the wall to the left of the window at some point, I just wanna make sure I don't come up with something better than I've already got planned)
 (look at how her headband holder is filling up!)

 (from the corner behind the chest looking back at the door.  I don't think I'd shown you the quilt I'd redone, which was Luke's from his bedding.  The original looked like this.  I just took strips of one of the room fabric and sewed over the blue.  Voila!)

 Ta da!  All I've really had to buy was 4 yards of fabric (one yard each of the four different fabrics that make up her name, the pillow, the baskets, the curtain stripe, and the bow holder), a quart of green paint, the curtains, and a few little accessories (wooden letters, a lamp, print off pictures, new hardware for the chest, materials for the bow holder).  I'm thinking I've spent about $120ish?  Not bad when new bedding alone would have cost me that much!  I feel like I should belong on one of those design on a dime shows.  Basically yesterday was totaly consumed with chipping, scraping, stripping, priming, and painting the body of the chest, and today I FINALLY got to clean my house.  I've been waiting to do that, and have it actually feel clean, for a very long time.  Momma is sleeping good tonight!


Anonymous said...

You did a fabulous job! I can't wait to see sweet little Evan sleeping in that bed! :)

~Luke and Evan's Nana~

Lucy Marie said...

It is SO gorgeous. It really is. I love it. I want to copy some of the things you did. Would that flatter you or make you hate me? I REALLY need to do something about her headbands.

Also? Those bins with Luke's clothes? I am somewhat embarassed that Eva already has two bins that size FULL of things she's outgrown. AND SHE IS 5 MONTHS OLD.

Sarah Smith said...

Lindsey....You did an amazing job on her room! It is so precious. Evan will be one loved little girl. So cuttttttttttttttttttttte! Dont doubt yourself girly. I am so proud of you.