Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh, my boy

Luke's personality has blossomed and expanded over the last few months.  In a big way.  Every day that kid makes me laugh, frustrates me, and fills my heart with love.  Today was no different. 

This morning he wanted to read books.  So we read books.  He wanted to play cars.  So I handed him cars from the couch so he could zoom them across the floor (sorry, sitting on the floor is painful at this point.  Wood floors are hard).  Then he ran off to his room and came back with shoes and socks, pointing outside and babbling.  So I put his shoes and socks on him (with his jammies) and sent him out to the brisk morning to play.  Then I got to play.  I put Evan's name on Luke's old Boppy pillow.  I appliqued a onesie for her.  All the while he played nicely outside, punctuated with "Momma kwon!  Momma kwon!"  That's Momma come on! for those of you aren't fluent in Luke-speak.  Bless his heart.  Ever since he's learned that phrase my presence by his side is a must.  But I kept saying things like "Not right now!" or  "Just keep playing!"  I didn't really want to go out side, but how could I say that to such a sweet little voice?  Finally I said "I can't, Momma doesn't have any shoes on!"  He knows one must have shoes to go out side.  So what does he do?  Runs through the house, gets me a pair of flip flops, and brings them to me saying "Kwon Mom!"  Oh boy.  Melt my heart.  I put down my sewing, put on my flip flops, and sat on the bench outside to watch him play.  He played for a little bit, then went inside, brought back his rocking chair, and sat next to me.  I LOVE HIM. 

Then it was time for lunch, time for nap, time for Mom to take a shower.  After all of that I sat back at the sewing machine, and eventually he woke up from his nap.  Not long after he was awake, he came running over to me with his shoes, socks, and a tee shirt (he napped in just his diaper).  After I put them on him I laughed and asked if he was missing anything?  No Mom.  I asked him if he needed pants.  No Mom.  O-Kaaaaaay.  (which he mimicked O-keeeeeey) Off he went outside.  I went back to the fabric flower research/trial/error/attempts I was doing, and he went back to hollering for me to come out with him.  Don't judge, I just didn't wanna.  Finally I told him I couldn't because it makes my nose run.  Which is true.  I'm still itching from having the door open all day.  What does he do in response to that statement?  He brings me a tissue.  What am I gonna do with him?  So tissue in hand I went back out with him.  *sigh* That kid gets me every time.

He even said "Yes please" today!  That was a first.  And last night in the car Cody got irritated with the drivers ahead of us on the street and he said "Come on peeps.  Let's go!"  and the rest of the way home there was a little voice in the back saying "Kwon peas!  Kwon peas!"  When he's pondering a question he'll HHhhhhhhmmmmmm, with the inflection where it starts high and scoops down.  Cracks me up.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of the things I made today and post them.  I finally googled "how to make fabric flowers" hoping to find some good tutorials on flowers like I see all over Etsy.  Eh.  You can be the judge of how I did.  Maybe I just need more practice.  Tonight after dinner I made some cookie dough and split it in half- put an egg in one half and baked it up, ate the other half.  Okay, not all of the other half, but half of the other half.  A fourth of a batch of cookie dough.  Ug.  It tasted so good at the moment, but now I've sugared myself out.  Not to mention a little sickened at the thought of all that butter and sugar in my belly.  Between this baby and my sugar addiction, I am kissing my girlish figure away.  Scratch that.  I am eating my girlish figure away.

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Haley said...

Liam surprised me this week with "you kay momma? you kay?" when I've been blowing my nose. Doesn't the concern just melt your heart?

I LUV that you made a batch of cookie dough sans eggs. I'm seriously thinking of going to get pasteurized egg white so I can make a big batch of royal icing for sugar cookies.