Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Better day

Someone must have said a prayer for my patience, because it was much better today!  It also helped that I feel good about all the things I've gotten done lately and was able to allow myself to relax on the couch this morning.  I had a second cup of coffee, watched Glee from last night, and just enjoyed being curled on the couch. 

That's not to say I didn't get anything done today.  I did manage to get the chest of drawers down the hall and into Evan's room (drawers are still outside, which considerably lightened the load, and I slid some cardboard under it which made it just glide around).  I messed around with it's position and got it situated where I think it will look best.  Yes, it still needs to be painted this weekend (Cody said if I waited until Saturday we'd do it then), but that's okay.   I needed it out of our room and to know where I was going to put it.  I also spray painted a frame I already had for a piece of the wall art I've printed off and hung them on the wall.  Sara stopped by the house this afternoon and approved of the placement of things, so they are stuck!  And finally, I put the bookshelf together for our room and loaded that sucker up.  You don't know how good it feels to finally have all that stuff off the floor and back onto furniture!  Ahhhhh, it's like I've got some control back in my life or something. 

Now the only thing left to really do is paint the chest and bookshelf and some piddly little sewing projects (which will resume tomorrow or Friday.  I needed a break!)  I am so glad I have all this done and behind me so I can relax and just enjoy being pregnant.  I hate having a to do list in my head and always prefer to get things done quickly.  Plus today I was able to read some stories and play play doh with Luke, things I'd been neglecting.  Speaking of Luke his speech therapist came today (Monday her son was sick and rescheduled for today) and she managed to get him to say "boat" and "bus"!  It was only the one time, but one time is better than no times.  And we tried to go over some new letters, but it seems he's learned all the ones he can say at this time.  It's so funny, every time he spells his name he says "l-dis-key-eeee!"  He will not say "u" for the life of him.  L-dis-key-ee!  He also has a stop sign in his room, so he likes to spell "s-t-o-p"  But letters like "h" "i" "q" "w" "r" and "j" are either too hard or he's just not ready for, because he won't say them ever.  My sweet boy is getting there!

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Lucy Marie said...

L-dis-key-eee? I think your son just figured out his rapper name.