Thursday, February 17, 2011

He finally arrived

And by "he" I mean the Verizon man.  See, unfortunately today I had an all day window when he could come.  I didn't have errands to do today.  No.  Not me.  He came on Tuesday, but in the 7 minutes I left the house during my window is when he showed up, without the I'm-on-my-way phone call I was supposed to get.  So that left me with the I-can-show-up-whenever-I-want window of all day today.  Again I was told they would call first, but I  was skeptical.  I just knew that we either be the last stop of the day.  Or the stop that came right during nap time. 

I waited all morning.  At one point I passed the time by doing a little sewing, and that disaster should have clued me in to how the afternoon would go.  I whipped up another basket liner for Evan and I thought "easy schmeeze since I've already made one"  Nope.  I made it too small and therefore had to jimmy rig by adding a panel in the back to make it fit.  It. Looks.  Awful.  So bad that I couldn't even take a picture of it.  And unfortunately I cut the panels for an identical basket liner, so now I've set myself up for another disaster of a project and no extra fabric.  Hopefully I can learn from the bad jimmy rig and create a better jimmy rig, and at least one of the baskets will look good.   Goodish.  Which ever one looks worse will get to hold the sheets and blankets (aka-hide the badness) and the better one will hold diapers and wipes.  Yeeesh. 

Anyway, back  to the internet guy.  Finally about 2:30 I decided I could jump in the shower quickly.  Luke had just woken up, and I figured it was do or die before Kayden got up.  Not before I left a note on the screen door (which was locked) saying I was in the shower and PLEASE CALL ME with my phone number, cause I still didn't trust that they would call me first.  And sure enough, I got out of the shower (with no phone call), wrapped in a towel (which shrinks every day as my tummy grows larger) and there was a man standing at my door.  Scared the bee jeezes out of me.  Of course Verizon would show up at that moment.  I ducked behind the door and hooted until I got his attention to tell him I'd be there in a second, then I threw on a robe and dashed to the door.  Mid dash I noticed that Daisy had pooped right there by the door while I was showering.  *sigh*  Could my life appear to be a bigger mess at that moment?  Oh wait, it could, because then my kid walks around the corner in his jammies shirt (from the night before), no pants or shorts, and a diaper that hadn't gotten changed since he'd been up from nap time.  Awesome. 

But it's done.  My shame is over.  And Cody's computer is now wired to the wall as opposed to wireless through a wall.

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