Saturday, February 5, 2011

The sun! The sun!

Oh ya'll, the sun was out today!  Not only was it out, but it warmed the world up to a toasty 50 degrees today!  We started the day with thick sheets of ice covering the roads and ended it with dry pavement.  Lovely.  It's like we hadn't spent the last 5 days with temps in the teens at all.  It all must have just been a bad dream.

Since Sara and I still weren't on our ladies retreat, we retreated to Babies R Us.  Just the two of us, with Sonic drinks in hand, for two hours, with a scanner gun.  That's right, we did my registry today.  And much to her chiding, I've got a whopping 24 items on that list.  Plus we went to Target and I registered there for about 10 more things. 

I know. 

I went bananas. 

But at least it's done with and I can check one more thing off my to do list. 

While I was gone Cody was supposed to take Luke over to his parent's to play and give his dad some disk thing.  Of course by the time I got home at 5ish they still hadn't left yet.  So I finished getting Luke dressed (Daddy had only gotten as far as sweats and socks for him, so I took the liberty of changing the pants to jeans, and added shoes and a hoodie) and I just went with them.  While we were there my mother in law was kind enough to feed us dinner- fried pork chops and homemade mashed potatoes with some green beans.  Mmmmmmm.  One more meal I didn't have to fix.  Plus it was so good I finished my plate and Luke's (after he got down from the table, of course). 

What a great day.  There was sunshine, friendship, makeup, and a hair brush involved.  (I may or may not have combed my hair at any point while there was ice on the ground)  (I did shower every day though) I'm pretty sure the entire hundred thousand people who live in this town had a great day too, because most of them were out and about soaking up the sun too.  The traffic didn't even bother me, I was just so glad to be driving my car. 

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Haley said...

Oh you know they were enjoying the chance to get their super bowl supplies in time for the big day.