Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another snow day

Much of today was pretty much exactly like yesterday.  Cody didn't go to work (although today he was put of bed by 9), but he worked from home.  There was ice and snow everywhere.  The washing machine was still frozen up.  Daisy  was still prissy about going outside.  This is as far as she got. 

Some of today was different.  A majority of the Texan population lost their power for extended amounts of time today due to the state's inability to keep up with the power surge of heaters in such  low temps.  Luckily we didn't loose our power once, although I did prepare for it all day.  I let Luke watch PBS all morning so that when the power did go out I wouldn't have used all of our go-to time killers already and be up a creek with a restless two year old.  And then when it didn't go out all day I was happily finished with my daily craft project (with minimal interruptions) and Luke was one step closer to learning his letters.  Really!  I was impressed with how he was doing while watching Super Why and Sesame Street!  Daily craft: a basket liner.  I've got a couple of baskets from Luke's nursery that I got at his shower, both with fabric liners in blue.  Well, we can't have that!  I got out my trusty seam ripper, took apart the liner for this basket, and used it as a pattern for something to match.

I used a different a fabric on the bottom that I'm not super fond of because it won't really be seen and then I wouldn't be wasting the stripes.
Not perfect, but good enough for me!  It's the perfect width for burp clothes, and I plan on having this little baby very close to the rocking chair in the nursery.

At  lunch time I merely had to breath the words "Chick Fil A" and Cody was on board with getting some for lunch.  I was really in need of lemonade.  And fries.  And chicken nuggets. Out he went, wearing pajama pants, a sweat shirt, a robe, and a cashmere trench coat, to hunt and gather our food.  Unfortunately the restaurants were not as lucky as our little family when it came to electricity.  Chick Fil A was closed.  All other food places were closed (so said the husband, and I blindly believed).  Even Walmart was closed.  It's true.  So I turned on the oven and heated up some chicken fingers I had in the freezer.  Not NEARLY as good, but much cheaper.  Plus I made some mac n cheese to go with it, and I let Luke have the left overs after he woke up from his nap (I felt bad since he loves the mac so much and I made it after he was asleep).  While he ate his snack I started in on purging and combining the dresser and chest of drawers in our room.  Luke soon followed, playing, but then about 20 minutes later he came in with a clean plate saying "Oh no! All gone! Daisy all gone!"  I looked at the plate, it had obviously been licked clean, and I asked him flat out "Did Daisy eat the mac n cheese or did Luke eat the mac n cheese."  He looked at the plate, looked at me, then pointed to the dog and said "Daisy does."  That darn dog had gotten up on the coffee table and licked his plate clean while he was in the room with me.  *sigh*  I got him a whole bunch of pineapple instead and made sure to stay in the room with him while he finished it off.  She paced and paced around, but that was one snack she wasn't getting. 

At 4:30 I tried to go over to Mom's with the laundry, but my car won't start.  Highly irritating.  I already had the laundry in the car, I had already told Luke to get some clothes out, he was already hyped up about leaving the house.  Not sure what it means for tomorrow.  Just kinda felt like I was getting hit with one more thing.  First the toilet.  Then the frozen pipes.  Now my car.  A part of me felt guilty for getting so upset over such trivial things, but I think we've established the pregnancy zaps my patience.  Of course after that Luke wouldn't leave me alone with "Momma's car?  Momma's car go no?  Momma's car stuck?" over and over again.  Not good.  I got a little testy before dinner.  I'm going on the ladies retreat this weekend with church, and I hadn't been really excited about it until now.  Tonight I was ready for a little break.  I love my boy.  Love him.  But days and days and days on end with only each other puts a little stress on a momma.  I'm hoping that Cody actually steps up and does some parenting this weekend.  It KILLS me that the handful of times that I've left them for a day or so, he doesn't really do much.  In fact, his exact words are "Why should I have to do it when someone else wants to do it?"  Um, awesome attitude about your kid, dude.  So anyway, I wasn't really looking forward to dealing with that again, but I need a break.

So tomorrow is shaping up to be much more of the same.  School was cancelled for tomorrow before the sun even went down today.  They are calling for more blackouts tomorrow already, due to the continuing strain on the electrical companies.  Good thing Luke got his fill of tv today. Not sure what's gonna happen with my car.  The only thing we've run out of is pants for Cody, but he said he doesn't mind pulling a pair out of the dirty clothes (in my car) if he has to go in tomorrow.  Well, that and anything good to eat, according to him. Apparently my idea of snack foods for this week were not up to snuff.   But you know what?  After all this whining, I really am thankful.  I have been so thankful in this cold snap for our warm cozy home.  Thankful that I have a plethora of hot beverages to choose from when my feet are cold.  Thankful that I got my errands done on Monday and we've got all the food and things we need for the week.  Thankful that Cody hasn't had to drive into work, so I haven't had to worry about him.  Thankful we had heat today when so many homes were without.  Thankful that it's ONLY our washer that's frozen up, not a bathroom or the kitchen.  Just thankful.

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Melanie said...

My parent's didn't have gas all morning yesterday, so their house was freezing! Glad you had warmth for your little family!

On a side note, you should check out the Leap Frog Letter Factory movie. It helps them learn their letters and sounds super fast!