Monday, January 31, 2011

22 Weeks and a birthday

Sunday we celebrated Mom's birthday, which meant I needed to get moving on her present.  My poor family.  I don't think Mom or Ashley has had a store bought present from me in the last couple of years.  They get the brunt of all my "great" ideas involving the sewing machine.  Anyway, when Mom saw the cup towels I made for Ashley's Christmas present (did I ever show you those?) and then the ones I made for myself, she subtly hinted that it they would be great presents for people's birthday.  Hint taken.  I just couldn't figure out what fabric would go best with her kitchen.  She doesn't really have a theme or color scheme in there, and most of my fabric is a bit more whimsical than she would probably want displayed.  Finally I came up with this:

Except when I got started on Friday is exactly when the FedEx man dropped off my curtains and I got a little side tracked.  And then the bomb was dropped that we were celebrating a day early due to my grandfather wanting to get home before the horrible weather hit.  A whole day is a big deal in sewing world!  But I got it done, she loved it, and Ashley and I even baked her a cake. 

I made sure to do the icing.  (She benefited from Evan's gender reveal party)  I just couldn't bear to associate my good name with something that looked anything remotely like this.  No matter how good and sweet her intentions are/were.  So anyway, Dad fixed us a mmm mmm mmmm meal of homemade lasagna, bread, and a Greek salad.  Oh I stuffed myself silly.  Plus I had seconds.  And seconds on the cake too.  Then I beached myself on the couch. 

Today is Mom's actual birthday.  A little more low key than last year.  And also the day that I'm 22 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 22 weeks.  It's weird.  Up until now it's flown by, but this week and last have been considerably slower.  Maybe it's the thought that I'm already as uncomfortable as I am and I still have 18 weeks left.  Or the fact that I looked again at my pictures from Luke's pregnancy, and I'm thinking I'm looking about 5 weeks ahead with this one as I did the last one.  That's a lot.  I didn't take pictures every week, and the next match up is 23 weeks, so if I remember I'll post it so you can compare for yourself.

Size of baby: a spaghetti squash.  Ashley was not a fan of this one.  But she's weighing in at right under a pound.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I did think about using their scale when I was over at Mom and Dad's last night, but that was after I was beached on the couch.  Yeah right, like I was going to weigh at that point.

Maternity Clothes: Very much so.  I put on one of my hoodies the other day and I couldn't get the zipper to touch.

Gender: I'm having me a baby girl! Evan Elaine Carver has 4 new bows after my Etsy order today.  ;)

Movement: Lots.  and Lots. 

Sleep: Still not the best.  I've been trying new things each night get comfortable, and the best I've found is smack in the middle of the bed with every pillow possible.  Sorry Cody.  Come to bed sooner and stake your claim if you have a problem with it.

What I miss: Normal sleep. Not keeping track of total caffeine intake throughout the day.  Winter is so hard, when all I want to do is sit around and drink coffee!

Cravings: Besides the sweets, just the pancakes.  But that's better after my date with Luke on Saturday.

Symptoms: This one really amped up this week.  The top of my belly has felt tight and blech, like the muscles have reached a limit.  My back gets tired and hurts really easily.  Besides being exhausted, my back has been one of the reasons I've hit the hay earlier this week.  Trying to clean the floors and the bathrooms today was more painful than usual.

Best Moment this week: I'm tired with a headache, and all I can think about is the ice cream in my freezer. 

On a totally unrelated note, I've had to start having the "Story vs. Truth" talk with Luke today.  Every time I ask him if he's got a yucky diaper he would say no, even though we both knew that was.  I talked to him about how saying no when he really was, was a story.  The last time tonight when he was dirty I asked him if he was, and he hid behind the couch and quietly said no.  Oh, that boy knew what he was doing.

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Lucy Marie said...

The tea towels are great. I'm sure your family doesn't mind ONE bit to get the benefit of your great ideas :)