Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Diaper bags

Yesterday and today were the slow-going easy days I thought Monday would be.  Yesterday I spent most of the day on the computer working on my 2010 photobook.  Remember how my plan had been to keep up with it throughout the year so that now at the beginning of 2011 all I would have to do was upload and print?  *cough* Yeah.  After spending hours yesterday I'm still only up to the middle of July.  One day we'll have hard photographic evidence of last year.  (last year.  Eek!)

Today was spent on the couch, but that's because my baby sprouted a fever.  Amazing since we haven't left the house since Sunday.  He woke up early (ug, 7:15) this morning and was playing hard until about 10:30 when he semi-crashed with a fever and we spent the rest of the day either cuddled on the couch or rocking in the rocking chair.  The fever mostly held at a measly 100.7 with spikes here and there of 101.3, but it really knocked the wind out of him.  I put him to bed tonight at 7 because he was so pitiful, and I'm really hoping that doesn't translate to a 5 AM wake up call. 

What else have I been doing with my time?  Obsessing.  Obsessing over diaper bags.  Originally I wasn't going to get a new one, just make one of my canvas ones, but Mom said she wanted to get me one for my shower gift.  Aaaaaaannnnnnnd the obsessing began.  I've narrowed it down to three choices:

I'm really loving the orange one.  Really loving it.  The only thing is it's a tad smaller than the other two (which are just like the one I had when Luke was a baby, only different fabrics) and I'm worried that all the fabric from a nursing cover will really kill the whole inside.  But I guess besides diapers I won't really have anything else in there.  I won't have to have bottles or formula or bibs or a ton of burp rags since I've heard you don't need as many with nursed babies?  I don't know.  I just really love the orange.  But I also really love the blue one for a girl.  Although if I pick the yellow one I've found a great fabric to coordinate with it.

Speaking of fabrics, here are some of my top runners for non room related sewing projects. 

And that's only a few.  See how that yellow and gray one would be super cute with the yellow diaper bag?  I'm so glad I've got an outlet for all of my meaningless rambles like this.  But I love love love fabric and I can't afford to buy all of them so I need some input.  What do you think?  Obviously I need help before I spiral completely out of control over such petty things.


Kendra and Nick said...

I really REALLY love the orange diaper bag :) so cute!

Lucy Marie said...

I love the second one. And who says you don't need burp rags with a breast fed baby? They are lying.