Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's with the name

So, the last two days have been busy busy busy crafting days.  I've gotten busy putting Evan's name on a lot of things.  If there's one thing I love, I sure do love me a monogrammed item.  The big thing was making the letters for over her crib.

Whew lordy.  Every time I say "Oh, that won't be hard at all" I should realized it's a death sentence.  Trying to get the fabric around all those curves was a nightmare.  But it's done and I love them.  I also made her a bib (there will be lots more to come in a variety of fabrics!) with her name embroidered on it and paci clips with her name.

A towel to hang next to brother's in the bathroom.  (Baby girl, this should be a testament of how much I love you.  I hate making these towels.  The letters float everywhere, it's hard to keep things straight and together, and all that extra towel gets in the way.  But I love you, and I want you to have what your brother has, so a towel you got.)

There will be much much more to come, for this is only the beginning.  Can you tell I love her name?  When we were trying to narrow down the choices on our lists, I was so afraid I wouldn't find a name for this kid that I love as much as Luke's name.  I love his name.  Love it.  For me it's just perfect.  Actually with Luke and Evan we weren't 100% sure that the name was "the" name until the sonogram.  And then it just fit.  As soon as the lady said "it's a girl!" I just knew she was an Evan.  Charlie and James were our other two girls names, but all of a sudden I knew who she was.  It's one of those things I think every mom feels when she finally names her baby, the name that just fits. 

On a sentimental note. Today Mom showed me a small box of the few baby dresses she had saved from me and Ashely. She still had the dress that she brought me home from the hospital in, and I got to bring it home and hang it in my girl's closet!  It's in amazingly good shape, as well as the little shoes that I had worn.  Hopefully I won't give birth to a giant and she can wear this home too!


The Raymond Family said...

LOVE IT!! And the dress is sweet!! I can't wait to meet Evan:)

Anonymous said...

Love all the "Evan" stuff! That so warms my heart that you would want to bring your precious baby girl home from the hospital in the little blue dress. I'm sure she will be just as petite as her momma. :)

~Luke and Evan's Nana~

Melanie said...

I think you just like short names because they are easier to appliqué! :) j/k. I love the name Evan! So sweet. I also love the vintage blue dress. (Is it vintage if it is less than 30 years old?)

Lucy Marie said...

So sweet. I also have the dress that my Mom brought me home from the hospital in. Obviously, I couldn't bring Eva home in it but she did wear it the first time she met my grandma (who actually bought the dress for me).