Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year and Christmas #6

Yesterday we spent the whole day bumming around.  Nothing productive was done.  At 6 Luke and I headed over to my dear Sara's house for a NYE party.  And when I say party, I mean a small gathering of good friends (kids included) where we sat in comfortable clothes and chatted until midnight.  The last two years I've spent New Years at home, first with a 6 month old, then with an 18 month old, and always had him in bed promptly at bed time.  This year when the Foltermann's sent out the invite, I knew it was good timing.  I felt Luke was able to handle one night of late festivities, and my choices were to either sit at home on my couch alone while Cody played his computer game or go be amongst people who love me and would provide adult conversation.  And I'm so glad we went!  I had a great time with my girls and Luke had a great time with the boys.  He's so group settings like that he doesn't want to play with the kids, he doesn't want to always be in the same room with me (although he did hit me up for food regularly.  Ha!), he wants to be hanging with the men.  He conned his way into one dad's lap to watch airplane stuff on an iPad (and later got the same dad to read him a book), weaseled his way into another dad's lap for a round of horse-y, watched tv with another, and was even caught wrestling.  My night sounds a little more boring in comparison, but I promise it was just as satisfying. 

At midnight we watched the ball drop, toasted champagne (okay, I was the lone wolf with sparkling grape juice), and I kissed my sweet boy.  By 12:10 our shoes were on and we were headed to the car.  Hey, he didn't need to stay out any later than necessary! 

I was convinced that our New Year's day would start at 7:15 just like it does every morning, even though he went to bed HOURS later than normal, but he slept till 9.  Yay!  It's a good thing too, because he wasn't getting a nap today.  No nap on a day he was already missing 2-3 hours of sleep was risky business, but it couldn't be helped.  Traditionally Cody's dad's side of the family celebrates Christmas at this time, so off we were.  Luckily Cody's aunt and uncle only live 25 minutes away and there was a yummy lunch.  After lunch there were a few more presents for Luke......

and the ladies had a book exchange.  I got one that takes unhealthy but yummy restaurant recipes and makes them healthy.  I've already picked out a couple to start with!  (we'll see if I follow through though.  We know how I am about cooking.)  We were back in the car by 4 and my exhausted little boy was out before we hit the main road.  Poor thing rarely sleeps in the car, and unfortunately it wasn't a very long trip.  I kept him up until 7:45 tonight, and his heads been on the pillow for 30 minutes now and he's already out.  I actually don't think I'll be too far behind him, I didn't sleep much last night due to allergies.  I'm beat!

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