Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Always something

Apparently the good Lord has decided I've whined one to many times about not having my car, because all week I've been given what seems to be busy work.  Every day something comes up and keeps me busy from morning till night, preventing me from doing the things that I want to.  Monday it was the house work.  Typical.  Yesterday it was the ironing, which took much much longer than usual due to needy little boys.  Today it was the washer.  I'll get to that story in a minute.  All of this was scattered around the tons of sewing I've had to do.  When it rains, it pours in the sewing world.  First Mom had a baby shower gift set for me to do, then I needed to mend a ripped square out of my quilted pillow, as well as add a panel so it wouldn't rip again, after which I got to proceed to the two dish towels I've been wanting to make for myself.  I'm STILL working on those because of today's distractions.  I also got two new Esty orders today, which will take another couple of days to finish. I'm thankful for these, they will pay for more fabric for Evan's room, as well as a few pictures I've had my eye on!  So, I hear ya Lord.  I'm done complaining.  If you could just halt with the mindless tasks that would be great. 

Now for today.  This morning I thought I would wash my new fabric, some new burp cloths, and my couch cushion covers.  The new things needed washing and drying to get out any shrinkage before I use them, the covers had been hit by the 2 year old tornado fingers.  I put them in, dumped in the detergent, and started the cycle on cold.  Nada.  I switched the temp to warm, and only HOT water came out.  HOT.  This was not good.  I called my mom (who called my dad) and I called Cody (who called his mom), and no one knew exactly what to do.  My mother in law called me with the name of a good plumber, and then Cody showed up at the house for his lunch break.  He came to look at the washer before calling the plumber, and he showed up with pizza because he knows I'm stuck eating sandwiches every day.  It was so good, and even Luke had several pieces!  Anyway, after looking at it, he said to hold off calling the plumber, although he didn't really say why.  Of course I posted something in my status about the whole ordeal, and I had several people comment that it sounded like the pipes were probably just frozen.  Hopefully.  That would be the cheapest way out of the situation.  Can't get much cheaper than waiting for ice to thaw. 

And what were my steaming, gooped with wet detergent, sopping pile of threads doing during all of this?  Well, I fished them out of the water and took them to Luke's tub (which I scrubbed and disinfected first, since I hadn't gotten around to cleaning the bathrooms this week yet).  I filled it, enough to cover the load, with cool water and got to swishing.  Then I let it soak for an hour or so, and agitated it a bunch more.  After I felt they were sufficiently cleaned I drained the tub and turned on the shower.  I rinsed each piece, wrung them out, and put them back into the laundry basket.  Into the dryer everything went and an hour later my covers were sparkling clean and dry, while my new materials are ready for use!  And I have to say, hand washing like that was so much gentler on my new fabric, I barely lost any width to fraying.  Score!  Oh, and while the stuff was soaking I had gone back to the washer to at least turn the dial to the end of the cycle so the water could spin out and drain.  Wrong.  As soon as I turned it back on water started GUSHING out of the connection in the wall.  Great.

After Dad got off work tonight he came over and took at peek behind the washer.  He confirmed my facebook diagnosis of a frozen cold water pipe, as well as a frozen drain pipe (hence the gushing).   We syphoned off the water in the washer so nothing would get mildewy or anything while I wait out the next few days for everything to thaw.  Now it makes sense on why it's taken me the entire. day. to sew up ONE towel. 

Church tonight was a good one.  Dinner was good (and not just because I didn't have to cook), and the company was good.  I sat with Sara and we obsessed some more about diaper bags, and then we dropped the kids off at bible class and........went across the street to Starbucks!  We've never done anything like that before, but I have to say it was SO NICE to just sit with a friend over coffee, not at home, not with kids, and just talk.  Plus the kids were learning about Jesus, so that's a win-win, right?

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