Saturday, January 15, 2011

Funny boy

Have I told you lately that I have me a funny boy?  Sometimes this kid comes up with things and I just wonder where they came from.  Lately it's been mostly stuff with the dog.  He's really enjoyed "playing" with her.  And when I say "playing", I mean torturing her.  For instance, when the front door is open he likes to crack the glass door a bit, then when she tries to dart out he slams it in her face and shakes his pointer finger at her while saying "no no no no no no no no no no" through these duck lips.  He'll take her toys and shake them at her like he's gonna throw it, then put it on a shelf out of her reach but where she can see it.   He chases her around the house with his push cart attempting to ram into her.  And yet when there is the promise of crumbs falling from his sweet little hands, there she is.  Back again. 

He hates it when I try to play with his toys that isn't the "correct" way.  I've tried putting Hot Wheeles, dinosaurs, and motorcycles on the train tracks and every time he takes them away from me with the same "no no no no.  No Mom." duck lips.  Then he throws the toy across the room so I can't reach it. 

He's still obsessed with lights.  And my car.  And the fact that Cody takes my car every day.  And eating.  The kid wants a variety of finger foods at his disposal at all times.  That generally doesn't happen though.  ;)

Today was a productive day.  I got my Etsy orders finished and mailed, took the drawer pulls back to Hobby Lobby.  Know why I was able to do this?  Because Cody has been at his parent's house all day working on the truck.  Wahooo!  It's currently 9:30 and he's still not home, so hopefully that's not a sign that it's going poorly.  And I have to say, it was so nice driving around in my car today.  My music was on, my kid was in the back seat, the sun was shining, and it wasn't even that cold.  The high today was in the very upper 50's. 

What I didn't do today was drink enough water.  I was really feeling it tonight, the pain.  There was an extra cup of coffee at breakfast this morning, and a cranberry limeade from Sonic on the way home from errands.  That was it until dinner and I was huuuuuuurting.  Still am a bit.  But baby girl is doing flips in there right now (which is good because the sonogram showed Evan to be currently breech.  Obviously she's got months to turn around, but breech please!) and I keep stopping to feel her.  Luke even came over at one point and put his hand on my belly to see why I kept doing it, but she didn't kick or move at that time.  I'm so looking forward to him experiencing that!

Speaking of baby girl, I think I've figured out a bow holder for her room!  I'm excited....and all it should take is a big frame (like 16x20 or bigger) and some chicken wire.  I just have to wait for the glass-less frames to go on sale at Hobby Lobby to get the project underway!

Oh!  And before I forget, I had a great night last night!  Before Cody left for work he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him.  Yay!  After work I asked him where he was taking me, but he didn't say.  The inlaws came and picked up Luke and off we went.  Turns out he took me to La Madeline's!  He really really really is not a fan of that place (which he only mentioned twice) but it was very sweet that he did it just for me.  We tried a couple of places to go see a movie after dinner, but nothing looked good.  We ended up just going home and building a fire.  So cozy!

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