Sunday, January 2, 2011

Switching it up

First of all, my boy finally got to wear his Christmas outfit today.  Between being out of town and having the sickies, I hadn't even gotten the tags off of it yet.  Of course I wanted to take a quick picture of him before we headed to bible class.  I mean, how hard is it to stand still for 15 seconds and flash a a quick smile?

Torture, apparently.

Pure and utter torture.  (and what you can't see are the perfect red/black/white argyle socks that go with it, and the tie is actually a red/black plaid)

Oh well.  Maybe the next time he wears it I'll try again for a winner.  Bible class went smoothly, I felt a little out of sorts at first since I hadn't taught the last two weeks, but the four 2 year olds that attended didn't really care.  And hopefully they can tell you that John and Jesus were cousins and Jesus got baptized and we should tell God "sorry" when we make the wrong choice.  That's a big hopeful. 

At lunch after church Luke promptly dropped his dressing-covered bread on my  clean turquoise dress, but he managed to keep himself stain free.  Amazing since he polished off his ravioli with extreme gusto (also amazing due to the fact that he'd already eaten a giant bread roll).  This kid has had QUITE the appetite the last few days.  It's been my first true glimpse at the years to come of trying to fill the bottomless pit that will be my adolescent son. 

When we got home he promptly fell asleep for his nap, and I got to work.  I thought I would go ahead and get my house work done today so that tomorrow I wouldn't be overwhelmed trying to do it AND go to the store.  I swept (which was so gross.  I've been slacking off over the break and combined with the fact that I've been wearing house shoes a lot I had NO IDEA my floors were so dirty.) and mopped, cleaned both bathrooms, emptied the dishwasher, ironed, AND did 3 loads of laundry.  You know, I've figured out a way to make laundry not so bad.  I didn't sort out every single item into piles on the floor, just rummaged through the basket for items that would go in the particular load I wanted to do.  It doesn't seem so annoying or whatever that way!  I think it's because I'm not making a bigger mess on my bedroom floor and the pressure is off to get it done right that day.  I'll do a load here, a load there, no biggie!  Riveting, eh?

So this all left me with the good feeling that all I had to do tomorrow was go to the store for our weekly food trip.  And then I realized that Cody's truck was still out and I'd be left yet again without a car.  So it was either go tonight or be hungry until 5:30 tomorrow. So guess what this selfless mother and wife did?  Yep.  Went to Walmart on a crowded Sunday night instead of an empty Monday morning.  At least I got to leave Luke at home.  Not that he's much trouble at the store, but there's just something peaceful about walking up and down those isle all by your lonesome.  The only thing was that I, not thinking, parked under a tree.  A tree full of birds.  When I came out with my goods my car was a car full of bird poop.  Covered.  I mean COVERED.  I should have know better, Ashley did this not to long ago and had to go to a car wash immediately.  Now I know how she felt.  I stopped at a gas station, topped off the tank for Cody (because I'm just awesome like that) and ran the car through the wash.  It's been AT LEAST three years since I've washed my car in any way shape or form (at least.) and probably a couple of decades since I've gone through a car wash (we were always taught of the evils of car washes growing up, and how they ruin your paint).  At first I was a little sad that Luke wasn't in the car to get to see it, and then the machine started up.  For a split second I thought my car was rolling backwards, then I realized it was in park and only the machine was moving.  Very odd sensation.  Then the rollers came.  Umm.....that thing was scary.  I was NOT a fan.  How sad is it that a car wash freaked a 27 year old out.  But it did.  And now I'll have night mares about it.

I do have to say though, I have the GREAT feeling of knowing I have not a thing I have to do tomorrow.  I can couch and coffee it up as much as I want without feeling guilty.  We can watch a movie, I can piddle on the sewing machine, heck I can fix the lamp shade in the bedroom if I want (yeah, the entire thing ripped off the rim the other day, so there is just a metal wire around the bulb and the shade is on the floor, still around the stand).  It's a good thing Mondays are my pregnancy update days, because otherwise you might be in store for a whole lotta nuthin tomorrow.

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