Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please be medical

So just now after giving Luke a bath, he was absentmindedly itching his ear as he picked out his story for the night.  I just happened to be kneeling next to him and I noticed a little fuzz something in his ear.  I got it with my finger nail, and I had what appeared to be a Thumbelina size blue metal spool for thread.  That was his tube, right?  Blue?  Spool shaped?  I'm really hoping so, because otherwise he's sticking toys in his ears when I'm not looking.  For some reason I assumed that the tubes they put in ears were tiny clear, well, tubes.  No? 

Anyway.  That's not what I was gonna talk about today, it just happened to occur right before I sat down at the computer.  You're welcome.  Yesterday and today I completed a project a day.  ggggGGGGOOOOooo me!  (that's me doing a cheer for myself.  Again, you're welcome.)  Yesterday's project was a pillow to tie in all the fabric for Evan's room.

I guess not sleeping at 5 in the morning has it's benefits.  At first I was going to pattern it after the green one(from Pottery Barn that we bought with the bedding) and have one fabric be the middle, one fabric be the side panels, and one fabric be one of my trademark fabric monograms.  Then in my brilliant sleepless-ness I thought, "Wait.  I've seen scrappy pillows that were really cute.  Maybe I could do that to mix it up a bit.  And HOLD THE PHONE.....what if I did the monogram in BUTTONS?!"  I get a little excited in the wee hours of the morning.  I took a risk, and I love it.  So different from anything I've ever done.  The only thing that concerns me is if you can really tell what is going on with the buttons.  But I can, and I'm really the only one who will see it, so whatever.  I like it. 

The project that I did today was a pillow case dress.  Remember that one time I said I had a plan and that it shouldn't be too hard?  *hangs head*  Fail.  I pulled out one of the 0-3 month dresses that we've (okay, Mom's) already bought to try and use the measurements to make a dress that's a tad bigger.  I was aiming for something in the 3-6 month size range.  What I got is barely newborn.  And the sleeves didn't go as planned either.  I didn't make them deep enough, so when I went to hem the top of the dress (with a casing big enough to hold the ribbon) it left the arm holes roughly the size of a quarter.  Thaaaaaat's not gonna work.  So I got creative and added the panel on the top to extend it and hold the ribbon. 

Also, the ribbon that I made was a little bit thicker than I realized it was going to be, so actual bows are a little out of the question.  Another boo boo was I accidentally made the top panel sligtly too short because I forgot to account for turning the ends under to create a finished edge.  You can't tell, but now there are two small pleats on each side.   It doesn't look bad if all the gathers are pulled out, and you can't tell at all with the gathers.  At least it's totally identical on the front and back, which I like to call "Daddy-proof".  If he ever has to dress her cutely when I'm not around, he can't mess this up.  There is no front or back.  Ya just put it on.  But who knows if she actually will get to wear it.  She's already gotten several dresses that are super small, and I don't know if I made it wide enough to be able to wear as a top with pants.  If it's winter when it fits that way, I figure I can just stick a long sleeved white onesie underneath.  And on the bright side, at least I've gotten one under my belt and more of a "pattern" to go by!  I'll probably try the top a little different next time, maybe with elastic in the top and let the bias tape continue up to tie into bows?  I don't know.  I'm not ready to use my fancy material though.  Darn.  I'll just have to go buy some more fabric.  ;)


Arrie said...

I love the pillow!! And I hope you put some dresses in your etsy shop bc I will totally buy some from you.

TX Mommy said...

I love the pillow and the dress. If you need help with sizing and things I use this website to help with mine.

You can just modify the sizing down from this.

Mandy said...

1. Yes it's an ear tube. Dane's were blue, too.

2. And girl, that dress turned out way cute! If you ever decide to "practice" making dresses in slightly bigger sizes, just let me know how much fabric you need ;)

Lucy Marie said...

Pillowcase dresses. In etsy shop. NOW!