Friday, January 7, 2011

The Details

So here are the details on yesterday's appointment:  All of Evan's measurements on the sonogram were spot on, a huge relief since there had been some discrepancy in the beginning on her size as opposed to how far along I thought I was.  It took forever for her to show us the girly stuff, the lady even had to jiggle the jelly of my tummy quite vigorously several times to get her to wake up and turn into a better position.  That was not comfortable.  Then I had immediately had an appointment with my doctor, who confirmed the sonogram looked good and went over my blood work from last week.  Luckily before they sent my vial off she had been able to catch it and tack on one of the thyroid tests that I had wanted.  She didn't get the memo about the antibodies test, but I feel confident that the Lord would have revealed something in the test that they did do if there was an issue.  I was so thankful it ended up working out!  Everything in the quad screen looked good, so combined with the normal sonogram it looks like we are fairly in the clear concerning any congenital or physical issues.  Whew!  Not that I was really worried, if anything I'm more concerned with the problems that come up later- autism, more speech problems, etc.- than anything else.  They are more common and can't be screened for. 

Anyway, I was busting to tell people the news once we left the office!  But Cody and I took a few minutes for ourselves and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading home to Mom and the boys (she took a half day to baby sit them while we were gone).  Cody could not stop beaming.  He really wanted a little girl, and now he's finally got one.  (Although tonight when I was being particularly stubborn it hit him that this little girl could be just like me and moaned that one of me was enough for this world.  Ha!)  We started quietly spreading the news to a few people, but I couldn't go all out due to my reveal party last night.

At Sara's over New Years I had casually mentioned that I had wanted to do a gender reveal party but Cody had nixed the idea.  You know, where you have the sonographer do something like write it down or put an outfit in a bag (you bring one of each) and then at the party you all find out together what it's going to be.  Fun right?  Well, my girlfriends loved the idea too and said that we should do it anyway, with just the girls.  Like I was going to turn that down!  Even though I would already know, it made me feel so loved that my girls cared enough about me and this baby to get that excited about finding out.  Yesterday afternoon I ran to Target to get some pink cupcake decorations (one girl was bringing plain cupcakes) and blackberries to make a cobbler to take too, and that's when I found the little white shoes (plus a pair of black patent leather mary jane's!).  I also went to Khol's to buy the blue dress I'd seen before, and Mom went with me and bought this little lavender sun dress too.  I have to say, the whole day I'd been smiling and beaming about my baby girl, but when I was picking up those dresses the teeny polo's with sweater vests and matching plaid shorts caught my eye, and I lost it.  I stood there in the store, tears streaming down my face, sad that I wasn't going to get to buy all the perfect baby boy stuff anymore.  I know I will so enjoy my girl, but I did have to mourn the loss of another boy, the loss of a brother for Luke. 

But now on to the party!  I decorated a few of the cupcakes with sprinkles, paper crowns, and spelled out Evan's name.

Then I brought my friends into the kitchen to see.

They were thrilled!  We all laughed and hugged and they told me all the great things about having a girl.  The picture only has a few of my friends, I think there were 10 of us in all, a couple of girls couldn't come at the last second.  We all got there at 7 last night and I didn't leave until 10!  We all sat around Sheri's big table and just visited, chatted, and LAUGHED.  I'm so glad there weren't boys around, the girl time was priceless!

Taylor was one of the ones that couldn't come at the last minute, and she told me she didn't want to know, she was coming over for breakfast this morning so she could find out then.  Fine by me!  Of course she is thrilled too, her Vera is due a mere 2 months before Evan, so we get to have our baby girls together.  After she left around 11 I spent most of the rest of the afternoon on the couch.  Lunch didn't sit well with me, and my nose was all stopped up, plus Cody was home sick with a sore throat, so I just vegged with him in front of the tv (during nap time)  After Kayden got picked up I tackled more of the computer room.  Call me crazy, but I really needed the crib put up in there, which meant taking the day bed apart and tossing all the stuff that was stuck under there.  Except for my wedding dress.  I forgot it was under there and now I'm really not sure what to do with it.  Anyone?  I needed the crib up because I couldn't handle all the pieces being scattered all over the house anymore.  The mattress was in the computer room, the back board still in Luke's room, and the rest in the garage right where my car door opens.  Annoying.  Plus I feel like if Luke sees it up in there and gets really comfortable with being in that room now, it will make another baby sleeping in "his" bed an easier transition.  Yes?  No?  Crazy?  I hope not.  He did kiss the crib tonight and pat it saying "go night night", so maybe I'm on the right track.  But then again, he did also kiss Cody's guitar case and the bookshelf.  Who knows.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you have special friends to share your excitement!
~Luke and Evan's Nana~

Lucy Marie said...

So fun that you got to do the reveal party. Your little girl is SO SO SO loved.

Sarah Smith said...

OMG I love the reveal party idea. Im glad you kept to it and did a reveal. I think its important for you. Heck you are the one that is carrying her so celebrate all you want girl!