Thursday, January 13, 2011

No drama

Yesterday was my 400th post.  Whoa Nelly!  Too bad it was about drama, not about something meaningful.  Eh.  Maybe I'll catch it on the 500th.  Luckily today there was NO drama!  Whoo hoo!  I finished my dish towels....

 (the cupcake one says "cupcakes welcome" the cup says "coffee needed")

and even put together a little something for the oven mit that hangs close by.

It's not sewn on, just pinned at this point.  I'm trying to decide if I like it enough to take the time to hand sew it since the opening isn't big enough to use the sewing machine.  And I can't decide what to put on the square ones.  A layered monogram?  A stripe?  A yellow birdie?

When I wasn't sewing I was putting up the curtain rod in Evan's room.  Don't most almost 5 months pregnant gals get up on a ladder in their bathrobes and house shoes and install curtain rods?  Well, this one did.  I also did a little rocking with my boy, quite a bit of tidying when the toys got out of hand, and I cooked a really good meal for dinner.  I found this recipe for a shrimp salad in my cook book and it was MMMM MMM good.  Anything that involves cooking bacon first and then cooking the rest of the meal in the bacon grease is delish in my book.  PLUS right after Cody got home I took the car to Hobby Lobby and picked up the rest of the supplies I need to finish my Esty orders tomorrow.  I got some new drawer pulls for Evan's dresser after we repaint it (it's currently housing all of Cody's clothes...that's gonna be interesting) and I'm bummed that the handle pulls aren't the correct length, but about 1/2 inch too long.  I'm afraid it's going to be hard to find the right length of pulls, but the things need to be replaced.  This piece of furniture was my dad's growing up, which became mine growing up, and now will be Evan's growing up.  The girl deserves a little sprucing for it.

And now for the verdict of all the obsessing last night.  Sara and I weighed the pros and cons of the Kalencom diaper bag, versus the Vera Bradley one my mom keeps tempting me with.  We contemplated the size (VB is much bigger), the style (I like K's messenger style), accessibility (the reason I like messenger bags is they are so easy to get into one handed), clean-ability (VB you can just throw in the washer whenever you want, K is laminated so it wipes clean).  See why it was so hard?  Finally our friend Brandy sat down at the table and I sucked her in.  Luckily she is not a person prone to obsessing, she's one of our more level headed friends.  And my level headed friend made an excellent point.  She said that since I'd already had a Kalencom bag and been very very happy with it, I should probably stick with it.  She's had SEVERAL diaper bags and just can't find one that suits her.  And that sealed the deal. 

Kalencom it is.  I really liked the orange, but someone else made a good point on the orange was a tad smaller and I'd need as much room as possible with a potty training toddler and an infant.  Plus I really love the blue.  Yay for making a choice!  And I've made another choice about a recent obsession...fabric.  More specifically, the fabric for accents to create a more feminine room out of Luke's boy bedding.  His bedding was blue, dark moss green, and light moss green with white mixed in, so I'd been looking for something with blue, green, and pink to tie it all together.  Then it hit me today.  There is so much blue (blue gingham curtains and dust ruffle), that I don't need more blue in the fabric and it didn't have to be pink.  So I'm officially going with this.


Anonymous said...

The cuptowels are precious! Would make fabulous birthday gifts! ;)

~Luke and Evan's Nana~

Lucy Marie said...

I love the towels and the accent on the oven mitt - definitely sew it on!

Sarah Smith said...

Love the towels too! You are full of great ideas. You sooooo inspire me! Really like the diaper bag and the fabric for Evan's bedding. Cant wait to see it all put together.

Zach Shirley said...

cute towels... you definitely have talent missy. I'm hoping to find some really nifty fabrics to use for our babies room as well. Lots of ideas, and hopefully I can pull it all together.


Tara Branch said...

The cup towels are SO fantastically cute! So creative! And...I guess I love everything- the cup towels, the diaper bag selection, and the fabrics! Can you help me make a nursery cute someday?? (Not yet, just someday.) ;)