Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Early morning

This morning I woke up at 3:00 AM.  Just woke up.  At first I thought I was supposed to pray for someone, and then I'd be able to go back to sleep.  An hour later, long done with my prayer (which stretched out longer and longer as I waited to get sleepy again), I was hungry.  So at 4 AM I got up and ate a cereal bar.  I was sure that it would be the trick to go back to sleep. 


At 5 AM I stopped trying to force my brain to shut down and just let it wander.  I came up with a plan for E's first pillow case dress (using cute material I have, but not my amazing fabric so if I mess up it's no big deal.  But I have a plan.  In my head.  So I won't mess up.)  (I think I tell that to myself every time I make something new.).  I decided what she should wear in the hospital.  I decided on what to do with that brown lacy Amy Butler fabric I've been terrified to cut because I love it so.  I'll make it into a blanket which will save me from actually cutting it AND help me to not feel guilty about not knititng her two blankets like I did for Luke. (I'll still knit her a lovie blanket, just not one to match the room.  Unless I get bored.)  I decided how to make the decorative pillow for her bedding, and what to embellish it with.  I decided what to do with the 3/6/9/12/18 month/2 year pictures of Luke to make room for Evan's.  Do you see a pattern here?  I'm a little obsessed with my girl.  But in my defense A.) I'm pregnant  B.) she was moving a lot so I couldn't help but think about her and C.) I'm a tad obsessive anyway.  At one point it occurred to me that I had talked TO God, but hadn't really listened, so I tried to be quiet and listen to Him.  Wasn't meant to be.

All that, plus I just couldn't get comfortable.  I made my nest of pillows exactly like I did the night before, but alas.  Something went awry.  Maybe it was the heavy breather that was next to me who kept trying to take the pillow between us and use it as his own.  He almost got a swift kick in the shins.  (the night before he had crashed on the couch at 10 and never made it to bed.)

Then a little face appeared next to mine at 7 this morning.  I told Luke to go back to bed, but instead I'm guessing he came into the living room to play.  All I know is when I finally pulled myself out of the warm covers at 7:50 there were Hot Wheeles lined up on the couch, my lap top was turned on, and the strawberry and blueberry cartons were lined up on the kitchen counter. 

Speaking of the early riser, in case you didn't know, I've got a child genius on my hands.  Sure when he talks he may sound like someone half his age but there are other things.  Out of the blue he's started picking out the letter "s" on random items and saying "s" and making the /s/ sound.  Apparently I should start working on letters.  Last night he was waving a finger all around and it finally dawned on me he was singing "This Little Light Of Mine".  He didn't have the tune down, but he sure did have fun blowing out the "light" and saying "NO!" to Satan puffing it out.  This morning during breakfast he got cream cheese all on the coffee table.  So he ran to the bathroom for his step stool, pushed it alllllllll the way into the kitchen, got a paper towel, and then handed the towel to me for ME to clean up the mess.  Genius I tell you.  And as if that wasn't manish enough, we were reclining on the couch watching some tv (I decided to take a little break from my chores and crafting and catch up on the DVR with coffee.  Long night and all.) and I looked over at my sweet, innocent boy.  Who was lounging back on the pillows with one hand lightly tucked into the top of his jammies/diaper.  When did this little man arrive?

Then he turned back into a toddler with pro stalling techniques.  He piddled around with his lunch so he wouldn't have to take a nap.  Then when I laid down the law he amazingly needed to go potty (something he hadn't done in days).  After going potty he insisted on washing his hands alone.  Then insisted on putting his pants back on alone.  The kid had a plan.  Finally it was nap time.  Blessed nap time.  I got to sewing.

For dinner we met Mom and Dad at Schlotzsky's.  Luke and I arrived before they did, and let me tell you the whole place knew when they showed up.  I felt the need to go to every table and apologize for the extreme shouting of Nana and Papa! but I didn't.  Cause then I'd probably just look crazier than I already did.

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Lucy Marie said...

She is going to be one spoiled little angel ... doesn't it make you giddy with excitement?