Monday, January 17, 2011

20 Weeks and cleaner than clean

Whew, I have spent most of the last two days cleaning!  I had some ladies over tonight, and I'm fairly certain they could have given two hiney hoots about finger prints and milk splatters, but if I don't wipe them away at some point I'll have a forensic mystery on my hands if there were to ever be a crime committed here.  I could just see the plot line now...."I've dusted for finger prints and it seems there are various sizes of the same print completely enrobing the house.  What does that mean?"  I'd never do this stuff just for myself.  Too much work. 

Anyway, the day started out nasty.  Foggy, misting, cold, and dreary.  I had to go get gas in MY CAR (yes!  It's back!  The truck is fixed!) and it took me 10 minutes in that weather to clean out the junk my dearly beloved left behind.  Lord have mercy did he trash my car.  But it's better now, and after that Luke and I headed to Target.  The whole way there he kept asking to go home or to go to Nana and Papa's.  Every time I would tell him sorry dude, we're going to Target.  And every time he would casually say "Noooooooo" in a tone that implied he had some say in where we were headed.  It made me laugh.  At Target I found a splurge for Evan. 

How cute is that lamp?  (sorry for the bad night photo) It's the perfect shade of lavender, and the girl needed something feminine in there.  Hopefully the fabric will come in the next few days and I can get on all of that.  At Target my boy was a dear.  Such a helper.  And when I say helper, I mean he actually helped me, not like the you-really-are-trying-to-help-but-that's-not-really-helping kind of way.  I let him walk, he kept up with me, and he would put all the non delicates in the basket for me.  I drew the line at the carton of eggs and glass jar of tomato sauce. We came home, lunched, napped, and then Nana and Papa came to get him for the evening so I could finish cleaning (without a "helper") and he would be out of our hair tonight. 

See?  He even wanted to be a helper in my picture!  Cody was taking forever to come help me, so I just used the timer again.  Luke was so thrilled by the timer light on the camera he wanted to take our picture over and over and over again.  I may have found a way for him to actually take a decent photo!  Maybe.  At the end I'll put up a couple of the really cute ones we did while playing around.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 weeks.  Holy moly we are half way through, little girl!  I can't believe it!

Size of baby: Evan is the length of a banana.  Which makes sense on why this morning I could feel her moving on both sides of my belly.  She must have been laying across me.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I haven't checked lately, but if I'm gaining the theoretical pound a week I'm supposed to be gaining at this point, then I would be up to 8 lbs.  But that's not including all the chocolate I ate today.  Sometimes a girl just needs motivation after each task to keep cleaning.  Plus, since I didn't have a napping boy during happy hour today, I took myself on down to the Sonic and got me a cherry limeade.  I asked Cody if he wanted to come, and he said no, so I spent his drink money on fries.  Boo ya.

Maternity Clothes: Ummm........yes.

Gender: Everyone was right, it's a girl! Evan Elaine Carver will be here before we know it!

Movement: She's a movin and a grooven.   I've just got to get someone to sit with me long enough and they'd be able to feel it too.

Sleep: Much better this week since I've been feeling better.  Although, I do keep waking up on my back with a funny feeling in my belly (I'm not supposed to be on my back anymore, my uterus is heavy enough now to cut off the circulation of an important vessel back there), and then I wake up laying too far forward on my belly and she's kicking the mattress to make it move.  Sunshine does not like to be cramped up.  I have a hard time staying in the perfect side sleeping position.

What I miss: Nothing

Cravings: Nothing.

Symptoms: Just some minor aches and pains as my ligaments keep stretching.  That's always fun.  Today I was unloading the dishwasher-just standing there- and I got such a pinching side stitch that I had to sit down.

Best Moment this week: Sounds silly, but enjoying the beautiful sunny weather this afternoon (it really warmed up after the clouds dispersed) with a cleared out car, loud music, and the windows down.

(This one was without the timer, and he was confused/upset that the light wasn't coming on.  This kid and his lights.)

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Lucy Marie said...

How did you get to be all 20 weeks pregnant? Wasnt it just yesterday you told me the news? Sheeesh.