Monday, January 24, 2011

21 Weeks

Real quick, a couple of things I forgot to mention about the weekend:

-Saturday Luke and I went to a surprise party for Sara's husband (who turned the big 3-0).  They had balloons there that we were supposed to hold when doing the actual surprising, and when Luke say them he pointed to each one saying "No no.  No no.  No no."  I've taught my boy well.  Muah hahaha.

-Sunday night we went to a first birthday for a friend's little girl.  My boy ate 7 mini corn dogs and a piece of cake.  He's been packing in the food.  He's also been packing in the politeness.  Every time I give him something, from food to a toy, he says "Thanks Mom." in the sweetest little voice.  I hope that he always stays polite and this isn't just a phase. 

-At night (okay, this isn't about the weekend, but it's every night) he doesn't want me to read him a story, it has to be Daddy.  I'll bathe him, medicine him up (inhaler and allergy), brush his teeth, dress him, but when I ask if I can read a the story he says "Daddy does."  Fine.  When we say our prayers he always goes first (it's in pure jabber, I'd love to know what he says) and then it's "Momma does." and it's my turn to pray.  My sweet boy.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 21 weeks

Size of baby: From head to heel is the length of a carrot. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I weighed at Mom's this weekend, and yep- I'm up the 8 lbs total.  Hopefully it stays low and slow like this, no ballooning at the end please!

Maternity Clothes: In every way, shape, and form.

Gender:  I'm having me a baby girl!  Evan Elaine Carver

Movement: Not only is she moving, she's MOVING.  I actually got to watch my tummy start moving this week as her little body parts pushed through.  Also, Cody got to feel her!

Sleep: Oi.  I think we are on the down hill slide for sleep.  It's been awful this week.  The extra pound seems like lead weight on my shoulders and hips, they have been cramping up on me when I lay on my side, which is the only way I can lay.  So not only does that wake me up, but I'm having to do the inch worm now to turn over from side to side, so I have to wake up to do that too.  I've be EXHAUSTED lately.

What I miss: Normal sleep.  And mojitos.

Cravings: Sweets!  No matter how full I am after a meal (which happens a lot sooner now than it used too, she's moving up into my stomach cavity) I just have to have something sweet.  That box of chocolates sure does come in hand for a quick fix!  I'll have one chocolate after each meal, and it usually satisfies enough.  I'll be super bummed when it's gone.

Symptoms: Nothing more than what I've already mentioned.  Exhaustion.  Feeling full sooner when I eat.  My patience isn't what it used to be.  But that could be a mixture of having a toddler and being tired.  ;)  Oh!  And my belly button's almost popped out!  Last time it very slowly flattened before becoming an outie, but it never really went back to how it was before, so this time the top of it popped out rather quickly and has slowly been working it's way downward.  There's just one little crease at the base of it before it's totally an outie again.

Best Moment this week: Watching that sweet girl move across my tummy and knowing I've got lots more time to enjoy it (hopefully).  Last night she was so close to the surface that I was able to gentle feel her and get her to move around.  Apparently she likes to be right out in front where she can experience as much of the world as possible.  Is it weird that I'm still in awe that there's an actual baby in there?  A BABY.  Whole new person.  Just hanging out in there.

And here's my big baby.  Yes he's naked.  The only time I could snag Cody was right after bath time, and Luke got so excited from the possibility of "da wight!" (the light) that he just HAD to be in a picture.  I made sure to keep him covered.


Lucy Marie said...

At least he put the sign in front of his junk ;)

Sara said...

We can do a pump and dump night of mojitos at the end of the summer... I love them! (pump instead of nursing and then just toss it away) Score!