Thursday, January 20, 2011

More firsts

We had another first today folks!  And this one is way better than toys in the toilet....I saw Evan moving across my belly!  She's been thumping around in there for awhile, and I'm the only one that's felt her from the outside, but tonight as I was reclining on the couch my tummy was visibly rolling and I called for Cody.  He finally got to feel her too!  I've so enjoyed this evening of just laying on the couch watching her move.  And I'm thrilled that it's so early in the pregnancy and it's already happening.  This is my very favorite part of pregnancy (although I love most of it!) and now I'm gonna get 18 to 24 more weeks of it. 

The rest of the day was mostly spent on the sewing machine.  I think.  I don't really remember.  It was fa-reeeeeeezing today.  After days of near 60 degree weather, a cold front came through last night with some rain and dropped the temperature severely.  And I think there is another chance for snow this weekend.  Anyway, I was super glad we got out and did the errands yesterday and today could be spent in jammies and sweats.  Or in my case, a flannel robe and sweats.  And I've just about worn these house shoes out.  I LOVE them!  My mother in law got them for me for Christmas last year and I can't go a day without them. 
So one of the things I made today I can't show you, I've started working on my friend's baby shower present and while I'm pretty sure she's not a reader I can't be too careful, but the other I can!  Mom's friend who has ordered several things from me asked for a Valentine's day shirt for her granddaughter and this is what I came up with. 

I'm kinda wishing Evan was gonna be here by V Day so she could wear one too!  I guess there's always next year.

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Lucy Marie said...

That is THE best. Seeing the baby move. AH I want to be pregnant again. (okay not really.)