Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another first

Well, I guess we could add this day to the ole baby book.  (Something I haven't looked at in months and months.)  Today was the day we had our first.....toy in the toilet.  Yep.  It finally happened.  As I've mentioned before, Luke really likes to flush the potty, no matter who did the business.  We were getting ready to leave the house for some errands so I made a pit stop.  You know, pregnant lady + coffee + water = it happens.  Luke ran in holding a couple of Hot Wheels against his chest (he'd played with these two cars the entire morning) so that his hand would be free to flush.  As he did, right at the last minute, I mean RIGHT at the last minute, one slipped out and was whisked away.  After the bowl tried to fill back up, I even stuck my hand down in there to see if I could feel it just beyond sight.  Nope.  (Don't worry.  I washed well.)  All I kept hearing was "Cars' gone.  Cars' gone."  He repeated that for most of the rest of the day. 

I sent a text to a friend who knows a little something about plumbing, asking if he had a snake to retrieve a Hot Wheel from the great depths of a toilet.  He said that once it's out of sight it's probably gone.  Gone to Hot Wheel heaven.  Or the ocean, as Nemo would say, since all pipes lead to the ocean.  I'm not so much concerned with getting the car back as I am with a permanently stopped up toilet in my bathroom.  After a few test flushes, it's still not working quite right.  Anyone know the number to the Roter Rooter Man? 

Luckily my day didn't (totally) revolve around a lost car.  I finally got the chance to make something for my Evan!  I'd mentioned the other day about having to wait until the open frames went on sale at Hobby Lobby to make my project, and low and behold this week they went on half off.  Hallelujah!  So first the boys and I ran to the cleaners to pick up some dry cleaning (those winter skirts I wore once and then got to pregnant for), then to Hobby Lobby for the frame, and finally to Home Depot for chicken wire (which is actually called poultry netting, in case you were wondering) and something to attach it to the frame with. 

Ta da!  Evan's head band and bow holder!  Bows with clips on them can just be clipped to the wire, head bands will get a cloths pin to hold them on.  I'm so excited, I love it!  The fabric name actually took longer than the wiring part.  I had to create new letters for it, I felt the ones I had were too big and took up too much space.  The best part is this is something that can grow with her.  When she's too big for hair bows she can use clothes pins to clip pictures or whatever to it, or hang earrings or necklaces from it.  Anyway, I'm just glad to have one project crossed off my to do list.

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Lucy Marie said...

Wanna make a deal? Come be my neighbour. I will cook you delicious food and change dirty diapers for you in exchange for all your craftyness! Mkay?