Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yesterday was spent running around town(s).  I got some blood work done so the results will be in by my appointment next week, although they didn't do all that I wanted them too.  And the frustrating thing was that I hadn't even planned on doing this testing, but since I wanted to get some other things checked too I figured I could knock it all out together.  I was a tad upset.  But then Mom took Luke and I to lunch (she had stayed with him here at the house while I went...I thought it would take 20 minutes but I was gone an HOUR and a HALF because they didn't have my paper work ready.  That didn't make me mad either.) and after nap time we went to get Ashley and took her furniture shopping, where I found a bedroom suit for her and she bought it!  I don't have furniture jealousy at all.  I've only been wanting a bedroom suit for oh, three years now.  (Guess where my furniture money went all of a sudden?)

Then I was all set to have a great night's sleep- no rain, allergy meds in action way before bed time, sore throat almost gone- when SOMEONE decided to have a rough night.  Luke woke up at 12:45 crying and then spent the next three hours tossing and turning and moaning.  Not a clue what was wrong.  He wasn't feverish, he shouldn't have been starving.  Finally I just had to turn on the lights to snap him out of it, sat on the side of the bed questioning him in an agitated tone, and he finally went back to sleep after that.  So much for my refreshing night.  I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in at least a week and it's really wearing on me. 

This morning for breakfast I fixed some biscuits and coffee.  This last grocery trip found some frozen biscuits in my basket.  They start out like this:

And after 20 minutes in the oven come out like this:

Okay, they don't double, but they sure are flaky and creamy and wonderful when slathered with butter and drizzled with honey.  After breakfast I got to work.  I told myself that I wanted to clean out that computer room over the Christmas break while Kayden was gone, and umm....he comes back Monday.  So I tossed and donated and rearranged various spots in my house to accommodate what I couldn't part with.  It's not half bad!  The bottom of my linen closet has been cluttered wasted space for years (okay, the three years we've lived here) and now it neatly houses my sewing machine, sewing basket, knitting basket, scrapbook paper bag, a few other bags I use when traveling, and my  tub of scarves.  Why I need so many scarves when I live in a place that's still 75 in December (yes, that was the temp today) but I just can't part with any of them.  I love wearing them when the thermometer reads anything less than 55.  Between that, the preparing of dinner, and the folding of all the laundry from earlier this week, my whole day was gone.  Now I just have to "encourage" Cody to get on the ball sometime this year.  Hmmm...that will be over in a day.  Sometime this decade.  Nope, that won't work either.  Let's just say he better hop to soon.

I would like to say that the night ended on a sweet note, but unfortunately that was not the case.  Have I mentioned that I'm a little sleep deprived and pregnancy is causing little patience?  That coupled with trying to give Luke his antibiotic caused us to spiral out of control fast.  We can get the medicine into his mouth, but for the life of me, we CAN NOT get him to swallow it.  We wait.  We blow in his face.  We offer juice (he just drinks some juice and then dribbles everything out).  We bribe with rocking.  We threaten with spanking.  We spank him.  He will. not. I repeat WILL. NOT. swallow it.  Finally after the third small dose ended up on the floor I picked him up at arm's length,  carried him to bed, and shut the door.  No teeth brushing, no story, no puppy, no blanket, not even jammies.  Just bed.  If he doesn't get any down on his last dose tomorrow, I'm not sure what will happen because the kid has barely taken in any of it. 


Anonymous said...

Luke won't swallow his medicine??? Hummm, that sounds just like his mommy when she was a little girl! Chipmunk cheeks that could hold stuff forever! It's a control thing. :)
~Luke's Nana~

Melanie said...

Sorry you aren't sleeping well, maybe next week will be better.

One time Madison had some awful medicine that she didn't like to take so I made up some simple syrup and mixed the medicine with it. I would put it in a little glass and then put ice in it and call it "special juice." Anything to trick the little boogers. :) Good luck with the last dose!