Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sick day and missed Christmas #5

There was a slight hiccup with trying to go to bed early Saturday night.  My problem was that I couldn't sleep.  As I laid in bed I could feel the little invisible hands going at my throat with a cheese grater and pumping hot air in there to swell it.  I barely slept all night I was in so much pain and I didn't know what I could take due to pregnancy.  When Luke woke up in the morning at 8 I called Mom to sub for me in bible class and went back to sleep.  Luckily Cody had fallen asleep on the couch at 5 the night before so he was okay to get up with Luke.

When I finally got up at 11 I just moved to the couch.  I laid there as Luke semi-played with his toys, I could tell that he didn't still didn't feel great and was  running a low fever.  We suffered through the rest of the morning until I deemed it naptime at 1.  Cody left for his grandmother's house and we slept until 4.  I felt bad about us missing the Christmas with his mom's side of the family, but when you're sick you're sick.  Once we woke up I forced myself to drink some water and nibble on some grapes.  Poor Flicker was being starved from my lack of appetite.  That's not good.  I called Mom and she brought me some soup while I made Luke and I a grilled cheese sandwich, but neither of us felt like eating it.  Back to bed by 7 for us!

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