Saturday, December 4, 2010

Parade Day

The movie last night was great!  Cried more than I usually do- partially because of Flicker's on-slaught of constant hormones and partially because there are more sad parts in this one and partially because I'm so wrapped up in this story that it just gets to me all around.  Aren't I fun?  Cody and I had a good time at dinner too.  We actually had fewer lulls in the conversation than normal.  Hey, when you've been with someone for 11 years you get a lot of "comfortable silences" at dinner time.  I brought up baby names again, and I was surprised at some of the ones we agreed on.  By no means is anything final yet, but I'm hopeful that this baby will one day have a name.  I like to revisit the issue periodically to see if we are still feeling what we liked before.  Luckily as a male he doesn't change his mind quite as frequently as this female does, but you never know. 

Today Mom and I took Luke to the Christmas parade in old town.  Before the actual parade started there was a motorcycle toy drive where hundreds of bikers got together, raised a 1000 toys for needy kids, and then had a big drive of their own.  I talked to one of the girls that was helping and she didn't have numbers for today, but she said last year there were around 700 bikers and this year was about the same.  I believe it.  You have never seen a string of motorcycles like that in your life.  I'm guessing.  What's the one thing about motorcylces that I don't like (besides their obvious danger)?  How friggen loud they are.  And Luke didn't like it either.

I looked down and the poor boy was hiding his face in his hat to make the whole thing go away.  I picked him up and carried him back about 30 feet (we were initially only 5 feet or so from the bikes) so we wouldn't be quite so up front and personal with the noise.  He still buried his face in my neck until it was over.  My sweet baby.  Momma doesn't like the noise either.  It actually made me a bit dizzy.  Once they all had ridden through, the real parade got started. 

There was the high school band.  Go Farmers!

There was the mayor.  (had no idea who the guy was before this.  Thank goodness the car said "mayor" on the side)

There were floats.

And there were even 'Chicks with Sticks'.

Those little girls were so stinkin cute.  I  tried to get a picture with my boy, but true to form he was having no part of it. 
Afterwards we ran to Target and then we were dropped off at home, nary to leave again.  The parade was smack dab during nap time, so I made an exception to the rule and didn't force him to take one.  Okay, I tried my best to get him to rest with me in our bed at 11 but it was an epic fail.  I laid down for a bit while Luke went to go play, and then I wandered into the living room to watch tv.  Another epic fail since there is never anything good on Saturday afternoon.  Luke was playing quietly in his room, and that should have been a bad sign.  I didn't pick up on it.  The living room was growing dark with the setting sun and no overhead lights on, when he came in to tell me something and I could make out something different about his face.  I just started saying "Oh no.  Oh no.  Oh no."  Sure enough, this is what he had done.

It was my mistake to not put the water dye tablets back out of reach from after bath time last night.  He had found them, open them, and I'm hoping not eat them.  But they were all over his face and hands and sheets.  Luckily just the sheets, not anything else.  That I've found so far.  It also luckily came off his face rather easily with a wipee, and totally off his hands in the bath.  I'm assuming he didn't eat them because his tongue wasn't blue.  His tongue and teeth would have been blue, right?  Well, if he has a smurf poo tomorrow I guess I'll have my answer.

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Lucy Marie said...

What names are you thinking ofnow? Same ones that you told me? How long until you find out the sex?