Monday, December 27, 2010

No update

Sorry, there's no pregnancy  update today.  While I feel much better, there is still a touch of death around the eyes so a picture's out of the question, plus Cody and I got into a ginormous fight and I don't want to ask him to take it. 

This morning I woke up and I could tell we were both marginally better.  Even so, I called both of our doctors and made appointments.  I wanted to make sure I didn't need to be taking anything for Flicker's sake and Luke's snot had turned from clear to goopy green with the worst death breath ever, no matter how much I brushed his teeth or forced him to eat something.  I got an appointment for 10- sinus infection- and Luke an appointment for 12- beginnings of bronchitis and an acute asthma attack.  We both got antibiotics (the same one actually!) and I was so glad we went.  In between the appointments we ran to Target to get some more stacking tubs to corral all the toys in the living room.  Much needed. 

Soon it was nap time (he didn't sleep nearly as long today) and while he was down I took all the Christmas decorations down.  I would have liked to rest too, but I was itching to get this done.  Plus I want to make sure I sleep tonight.  When he got up we went to the grocery store for our weekly groceries, then it was time to fix dinner.  After dinner I took down the tree and put it away, then it was bath time and bed time for one little boy.  I know he is feeling better because I put him down at 8 but he laid in bed chattering and awake until 10.  Yep.  2 hours.  We've both had our first dose of antibiotic so we are on the road to recovery!

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