Friday, December 10, 2010

Today was a day

Woof.  Today was quite a day.  The kind of day where you keep thinking "surely the energy will run out and he will collapse."  And then he doesn't.  Ever. 

For instance.  I was trying to get my Christmas cards and envelopes ordered online, and I thought Luke was playing nicely in his room.  Nope.  He was in our room spreading my perfume everywhere, unscrewing the lids to my lotions, and digging out all of the hair appliances.  I can still smell Chanel, 10 hours later.  Between Luke and Kayden every. single. toy. was strewn across the living room.  He dragged his Pottery Barn chair from his room into the living room, stood on it, and got into the photo books.  And messed with the digital frame.  He stood on the ottomans and played in the kitchen sink, turning the faucet in a direction that didn't point into the sink, so when I went to make lunch water went EVERYWHERE in the dining room.  Moved a kitchen chair over to the counter and was trying to get the coffee pot out of the maker. He wouldn't leave the dog alone.  Or the Christmas tree.  Get the picture.  By lunch I was ready for a frosty cold Shiner with my meal, but a Flicker in my belly wouldn't let me. 

Then it was nap time.  Blessed nap time.  I was afraid he would just make more mischief in there, but after chattering for 30 minutes he was out. 

After naptime came the fits.  I tried to give him a snack, but everything I offered wasn't snubbed.  When I gave up and just told him there was no snack then, he screamed.  For 20 minutes.  A little while later I got him dressed, but we couldn't leave for our errands until Kayden got picked up.  That wasn't soon enough.  He screamed.  Thankfully he was an angel while we paid the water bill (which later I realized I dated 10.11.10.  What?!  I don't even know.  I guess it's a testament to the day.), ran into Walmart, and finally the fabric store.  When we got home he kept playing in the garage, but I finally said GET IN HERE NOW! and he screamed for 15 minutes because I wouldn't let him play out there anymore.  What a mean mom I am. 


But he would give me hugs around the leg and random kisses on my arm through out the day.  You've now seen the peanut butter face he kept grinning at me while he ate lunch.  He actually pee peed in the potty today, when it wasn't bath time (although then he wouldn't put on another diaper and ran around the house naked for 10 minutes afterward) and then did again at bath time.  At dinner he really wanted some yogurt, but I told him only if he ate all the food on his dinner plate.  45 minutes later he brought me an empty plate and a stuffed mouth, and it dawned on me what he wanted.  I asked him if he was ready for the yogurt and he mumbled 'YEAH YEAH YEAH!!' through all that food.  (except at one point he got in trouble for giving cheese to the dog, and after I gave him the yogurt I realized what he had been doing- "clearing" his plate quicker.  That kid.......)  I had totally forgotten I had told him that, but he sure didn't!

Now that clever boy of mine is sitting in the tub (a mite early, but out of trouble) calling for me yet again, and then once he's tucked away into the dark I'm curling up with a big slice of the best tiramissu in town, since I can't have a glass of wine or a giant cocktail.  Tomorrow we might need  to watch a movie.  Or two.  ;)

p.s.- When Cody got home from work he sat on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table.  Then, *shudder* Luke came over and LICKED the bottom of his shoe.  GAG.  If he gets sick in the next day or so, now you know why.

p.p.s- If anyone knows how to photoshop out peanut butter off of faces, let me know.  Mmmkay?

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