Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas #2 and Lovely day

Yesterday was a great day. Really, it was!  Gorgeous weather, a since of accomplishment, tasty meals.  I had originally planned to sit on my behind and relax for the morning, but that didn't happen exactly. 

First we colored.

(I prefer it when he sticks to his side and off of mine, but as you can see our coloring blends together some times)

Then I got all 6 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded, AND put away.  (okay, this was done in conjuncture with all the other things, but you get the idea.)

Next we did a little body work on Luke's fire truck.

Some of us sat in weird places and stared outside.

Others of us lounged around.

(you can't really see in this little picture, but her tongue is ever so slightly hanging out.)

I, on the other hand, finished putting up the wall art in Luke's room since he was getting his bedding last night.

Finally it was lunch time.

(ahem.  Someone couldn't wait for one little picture before digging in.)

I was the personal hero of my little boy for fixing such a lunch.  And obviously we like a little chicken with our plates of mac n cheese. 

After that it was nap time and get ready for dinner time, because last night was Christmas at my Grandmother's house.  We had a WONDERFUL turkey dinner with all of my very favorite comfort foods- turkey, dressing, cream cheese corn, broccoli cheese and rice casserole (the only casserole I'll eat), sweet potatoes, and chocolate pie to top it all off.  I even took home a huge pie plate of left overs home with me and at the WHOLE. THING.  for lunch today.  It's my very favorite meal that I only get at Thanksgiving and now, so I make the most of it.  After dinner it was present time.  Luke totally knew what to do this time!  He was so excited to open his presents, but unfortunately Momma was a spoil sport and picked bedding for most of his presents.  But I did pick a motorcylce that zooms and a train that were big hits.  I mean big.  And  it was super cute, he was so excited about ripping paper he opened Grandmother's too.  (She was very gracious about it and even invited him to help when he wasn't paying attention.)  I can not WAIT  for Saturday morning when he gets to open the presents from us!  He is going to LOVE the train set we bought for him, I'm just dying for him to see it.  That present will have to be the last one he opens though, because I'm fairly certain he won't want to open anything else because he's playing with it!

(I'm wearing short sleeves again because it was a WONDERFUL 80 degrees yesterday.  Don't worry though, today was cloudy and in the 50's) (and you can kinda see Flicker in there!)

(we kept trying to get him to smile for the camera, so finally I said "show us your teeth!"  This is what we got.)

 (opening some of the bedding with Daddy.  I feel there are enough pictures for one day, so I'll post the make over tomorrow.)

(watching his new toys zoom down the tile)

(the ever-elusive family picture.  Still a no go.  No one can seem to get their eyes in the same direction and the look on Luke's face seems like he just heard a really bad idea.)

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Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like fun. This year will be so fun for you guys because Luke is really going to see what's going on!! I love the family photo. So classic :)