Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve (aka Christmas #3)

Christmas Eve dawned dreary and rainy today.  It rained a lot.  We bummed around the house for awhile before heading over to Mom's to make our Christmas cookies.  I should not have wasted that time. 

You see, the night before, I had checked on Luke before getting ready for bed and determined that his breathing was awful.  Horrid.  I gave him FOUR puffs of his rescue inhaler and it did nothing.  I was worried that he wasn't getting enough oxygen, coupled with the fact that he had developed a nasty sounding cough within the hour, so Cody and I scooped him up and ran up to Acute Kids emergency care before they closed at 11.  They diagnosed him with croup and gave him an oral dose of steroids to open up his throat.  What they didn't tell me was that it can upset kids' tummies (something I found out the next day), and 15 minutes later when we were pulling in to the drive way he threw it up.  Awesome.  I put him back to bed and the poor kid couldn't sleep.  I ended up laying down with him until he did.  My sweet boy. 

So when the morning was dark and rainy, it kinda fit the bill.  He wasn't too keen on making the cookies- playing Hot Wheels with Papa was much more enticing- but we had to have something to leave out for Santa! 

(eating the cookie dough was better than waiting!)

While he played a little longer and Mom finished up the cookies, I did a couple of quick errands so he wouldn't have to get out in the rain.  I wanted to get some congestion medicine for his runny nose and we needed a new filter for the humidifier, which I figured he would start to need. 

I should have stayed put.

When I ran up to CVS I stepped with both feet in a giant puddle that filled my shoes with cold water and soaked my jeans up to my calves.  They didn't have the filter, so I bought the medicine and left.  I knew where the only place to get the filter was.  It was the only place I didn't want to go. 

Wal Mart.

On Christmas Eve.

At noon. 

Talk about the trifecta of disasters. 

But I actually found a decent parking place, located my filter with relative easy, and EVEN was able to walk right up to a self check out register.  I don't think I've ever been in and out that quickly.  Jesus was with me.  I swung back by to pick up my boy, and we headed home for nap time.  My plan had been to get him down for a nap, then get me down for a nap until 4 so that I could have time to get me ready and some baking done before Christmas Eve dinner.  Momma wasn't feeling good and needed that nap. So I got out the humidifier, fixed it all up, and RIGHT BEFORE I put him to bed......disaster happened. 

A disaster called "the entire tank of water from the humidifier poured all over Luke's bookshelf crammed with hundreds of books".  Ya'll, I cried.  Only half the books (the side where the tank was) got wet, but it still led to a nap time that looked like this.

There were books everywhere.  Fanning them out to dry really ate into my time.  Finally I got him down, then me down, and I hoped the day would get better.  At 4 Luke actually woke up too, and I went through all the books that were dried.  More time wasted.  The baking of one item took longer than I thought, more time wasted, and I didn't get to the second thing.  But we made it to dinner on time, traditional Macaroni Grill with my family, and after 3 glasses of mango tea and eggplant Parmesan I felt better.

Then it was present time!  Per tradition, we open presents with my parents on Christmas Eve after dinner.  Luke had a ball.  There were big presents.

And little presents.

Presents not for him.

And presents just for him.

Plus a good family shot!  Hallelujah!

Then we went to get ready for Santa.  There was a letter to write:

Cookies to put out:

And a story to read:

Okay Santa, we're ready!

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Haley said...

Oh Lindsey, I'm so sorry that Luke has croup. But you have to believe you look fabulous in those photos; not at all like a woman who had to conquer multiple fiascoes. Merry Christmas.