Thursday, December 23, 2010

Luke's room and painting

So, now is about the time most people are signing off of their blogs for the next couple of days, some even until the New Year.  Well, I'm not.  Seeing as the whole point of me rambling almost every night is to keep a record of life as a young mom, life as a toddler for my son, and more in depth stories to the pictures I take than I can go into in my photo books, I'm not about to miss the chance to remember our Christmas festivities forever and ever!'re stuck with me. 

And now the big month-in-progress room reveal.  Presenting Luke's new vintage cowboy room!

Those would be pictures panning around the room starting from the doorway.  I also did close ups of my craft projects from the last few days:

the french memo board (he LOVES naming the people in them!)  It wasn't too difficult to make, but trying to get the lines evenly spaced was a pain.  And yes, I did measure and mark them on the back at first.

His new letters.  Just cardboard letters, scrapbook paper and Modge Podge.  The trick to these was trying to attach them to the wall.  They are fully formed all the way around so there was no way to hang them on a nail (unless I cut a hole it in.  Now I think of that.)

And this is just a poster attached to a canvas the same size as the canvas I used on the memo board.  I love it!  I think my favorite is "Honor yer Ma & Pa"  Ha!

I can't believe my sweet baby is such a big boy.  And I have to say, I've LOVED having him in a twin sized bed this last month.  Last night he had a really bad breathing spell, and we ended up taking him to a pediatric urgent care at 10:45.  He was sounding TERRIBLE and I was afraid he wasn't getting enough oxygen, plus he developed a cough suddenly.  The doctor said it was croup, but I'm not so sure.  He's done this before and when I've taken him to our regular pediatrician they've never said croup.  Anyway, they gave him a steroid dose to help the swelling in his throat go down and the wheezing to stop (4 puffs of his rescue inhaler hadn't worked at home, which scared me and was another reason we rushed him up there).  What they DIDN'T tell me is that the medicine can upset their tummy (I found that out today when they called to check on him) and he threw it up as soon as we pulled into the garage.  Awesome.  We put him back to bed and I jumped in the shower (ahem, something I hadn't done all day due to slaving over a sewing machine).  When I got out I checked on him and poor guy was just laying there awake.  I climbed into bed with him and he finally fell asleep.  See?  Big bed= amazing. 

Today my boy was up and at 'em early, and no worse for wear.  We just piddled around the house all day (at some point I did get the floors and bathrooms clean, so it wasn't a total waste) in our jammies with bed head, and I actually let (okay, remembered) him paint his ornament.  I told  you this was the tradition I wanted to start with my kids each year, right?  Well, no time like the present.  And since this was the first time he's ever wielded a paintbrush, with permanent acrylic paint no less, I was understandably nervous.  But he did great and he LOVED it!  So I give you Masterpiece 2010!

(after the ornament was full of paint I hung it up to dry, but he wasn't done painting, so I let him continue on paper.  Of course when I wanted him to hold it for a picture he refused.)

(he really and truly did the whole thing by himself!  All I did was hold it for him so it wouldn't smear across the paper!  What an artist, eh?)


Lucy Marie said...

Love the room! Have a merry christmas.

Haley said...

Fabulous! Love that ornament!