Friday, December 3, 2010

Dr appointment and a date

Yay for a successful doctor's appointment this morning!  And yay for getting to leave the house!  I'm not kidding.  We haven't gotten in the car in days.  Luke asks (through sign) every morning and after noon if we are gonna get in the car, and it's always been no.  Not today son.  Not today.  I took a shower.  I put on eye shadow and jewelry.  I combed his hair.  And we LEFT THE HOUSE. 

The appointment itself was quick.  First the weigh in (I'll save that bit until Monday.  Oh the suspense!) and then the little room.  I visited with the nurse, and then I visited with the doctor.  And when I say visited, I mean we talked about what we are buying our kids for Christmas and when I switched Luke out of the crib because my doctor's little boy is almost 2 and she hasn't decided when to do that.  See why I love this place?  Then she spread the goop on my tummy and tried to find the heartbeat with the hand doppler.  No such luck.  :(  I was really surprised at how calm and un-freaked out I was!  Thank you Holy Spirit!  So she popped me into the next room where the sonogram machine is and we checked it out.  There was my little Flicker, shifting out of the way of that prodding handheld!  It was so good to see movement, to see a head and a body.  I could even tell that his face was turned towards us, where the eyes and the nose and the brain were.  She printed it out, and now I have it for forever!  I  feel so lucky to have gotten to see him at every appointment so far.  Plus, my next appointment is January 6th with the actual sonogram lady to do measurements and gender stuff with a follow up after that.  Thrilling!  Only 5 more weeks left to wonder what my little Flicker is!

Tonight Cody and I are going to the movies to (finally) see Harry Potter.  I think this is the first HP movie that we HAVEN'T seen on opening night!  I'm pumped because I've heard it's good, plus we haven't been out alone in months.  (and by alone, I'm including friends in that group.  We went to Tara's a couple of weeks ago without Luke, but we were with friends so that doesn't count)  The inlaws are headed over to watch that boy of mine, and I'm gonna go put on more eye shadow.

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Melanie said...

Yay for seeing a healthy little one. Going to see HP reminds me of the pre-children days when we watched all of the HP movies together (along with hours and hours of Smallville.) :)